Authors born between 1850 and 1900

Author (number of quotes)Description
Adams, Franklin Pierce (2)American columnist
Adenauer, Konrad (2)German politician
Adler, Alfred (2)Austrian psychotherapist
Ady, Endre (2)Hungarian poet and publicist
Agar, Herbert (1)American journalist
Albright, Herm (1)German-born American painter
Allen, Fred (2)American comedian
Allen, James (2)New Zealand politician and diplomat
Allport, Gordon W. (1)American psychologist
Apollinaire, Guillaume (1)French author, poet, criticist
Asch, Sholem (1)Polish-born American novelist
Atkinson, Brooks (1)American theatre critic
Babcock, Maltbie Davenport (1)American clergyman and writer
Babits, Mihály (1)Hungarian poet, author and translator
Bachelard, Gaston (2)French philosopher
Bagnold, Enid (1)British author
Baldwin, Faith (1)American author
Barrie, J. M. (2)Scottish author and dramatist
Bartók, Béla (3)Hungarian composer and pianist
Beerbohm, Max (1)English essayist, parodist
Belloc, Hilaire (1)French-born English poet
Benson, Edward Frederic (1)English novelist, biographer and short story writer
Berenson, Bernard (1)American art historian
Bergson, Henri (1)French philosopher
Betti, Ugo (1)Italian judge
Blake, Eubie (1)American composer, lyricist and pianist
Bohr, Niels (9)Danish physicist
Boom, Corrie ten (1)Dutch Christian author
Borland, Hal (2)American author
Boutroux, Pierre (1)French mathematician
Bragg, William Henry (1)English physicist and chemist
Braque, Georges (1)French painter and sculptor
Brogan, Denis William (1)English author and historian
Bryan, William Jennings (1)American politician
Butler, Nicholas Murray (1)American philosopher
Cameron, William J. (1)Journalist
Carrel, Alexis (1)French surgeon and biologist
Carver, George Washington (2)American scientist
Cather, Willa (3)American author
Chandler, Raymond (2)American novelist
Chanel, Coco (6)French fashion designer
Chaplin, Charlie (5)English actor, director
Chesterton, Gilbert Keith (2)English author
Christie, Agatha (17)English author
Churchill, Winston (12)English politician, author
Cocteau, Jean (4)French poet, author, painter, actor, composer and director
Colby, Frank Moore (1)American author, historian
Colette, Sidonie-Gabrielle (1)French author
Conrad, Joseph (2)Polish-born English author
Coolidge, Calvin (1)the 30th President of the United States
Crowley, Aleister (2)English-born occultist, author
Cummings, Edward Estlin (2)American author, poet, painter
Curie, Marie (1)Polish-born French physicist
Dahlberg, Edward (3)American author
Darrow, Clarence (1)American lawyer
Dobzhansky, Theodosius (2)Russian-born American geneticist and evolutionary biologist
Doren, Mark Van (1)American writer, poet
Douglas, Norman (1)English author
Doyle, Arthur Conan (17)Scottish-born author
Dunne, Finley Peter (1)American author and comedian
Durant, Will (1)American author, historian, philosopher
Eastman, Max (2)American author, activist
Einstein, Albert (36)German-born theoretical physicist
Eisenhower, Dwight David (2)the 34th President of the United States
Eliot, T. S. (4)American poet
Ellis, Henry Havelock (3)English psychologist and author
Ertz, Susan (1)English author
Feather, William (1)American author
Fields, William Claude (2)American actor and comedian
Firestone, Harvey Samuel (1)American businessman
Fischer, Ernst (1)Bohemian-born Austrian journalist, writer and politician
Fitzgerald, F. Scott (2)American author
Fitzgerald Kennedy, Rose (1)John F. Kennedy`s mother
Ford, Henry (9)American businessman
Freud, Sigmund (4)Austrian neurologist
Fromm, Erich (6)German-American philosopher, psychologist
Frost, Robert (6)American poet
Fuller, Richard Buckminster (2)American architect, poet, author, inventor
Gandhi, Mahatma (13)pen name of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Indian jurist and politician
Gasset, José Ortega y (2)Spanish philosopher
Gibran, Khalil (1)Lebanese-American artist, poet, and writer
Gide, André (1)French author
Glasgow, Ellen (1)American novelist
Goddard, Robert Hutchings (2)American physicist
Goldwyn, Samuel (1)American producer
Hayek, Friedrich (13)British economist and philosopher
Hemingway, Ernest (9)American author, journalist
Henry, O. (1)pen name of the American writer William Sydney Porter
Hilbert, David (3)German mathematician
Hildebrand, Joel (1)American educator
Holliwell, Raymond (1)American author
Hubbard, Frank McKinney (2)American cartoonist, journalist, comedian
Hubble, Edwin (1)American astronomer
Iles, George (1)American author
Jerome, Jerome K. (1)English writer and humorist
Joyce, James (2)Irish-born poet, author, criticist
Jung, Carl Gustav (2)Swiss psychiatrist, psychologist
Kafka, Franz (2)German author
Kazantzakis, Nikos (1)Greek novelist, poet, playwright and philosopher
Keller, Helen (10)American deafblind author, political activist, and lecturer
Keynes, John Maynard (2)English mathematician, economist
Kipling, Joseph Rudyard (3)English author and poet
Kodály, Zoltán (4)Hungarian composer
Kosztolányi, Dezső (3)Hungarian author, poet, translator, journalist
Lawrence, D. H. (8)full name David Herbert Richards Lawrence, English author, poet, literary critic and painter
Leavitt, Robert Keith (1)American author
Letterman, Elmer G. (2)American businessman and author
Lewis, Joseph (1)American freethinker and activist
Lewis, Sinclair (1)American author
Livermore, Jesse Lauriston (1)American stock trader
London, Jack (3)American author
Long, Haniel Clark (1)American poet and author
Lugosi, Béla (3)Hungarian-American actor
Luxemburg, Rosa (1)German philosopher, economist and social activist
M. Barrie, James (1)Scottish author and dramatist
MacArthur, Douglas (1)American general
Macmillan, Maurice Harold (1)English politician
Maeterlinck, Maurice (2)Belgian playwright, poet, and essayist
Maltz, Maxwell (1)American cosmetic surgeon and author
Márai, Sándor (10)Hungarian author
Marquis, Don (3)full name Donald Robert Perry Marquis, American comedian and author
Marx, Chico (1)American actor
Marx, Groucho (3)American actor and comedian
Maugham, William Somerset (3)English author
Maurois, Andre (1)French author, historian
Mencken, Henry Louis (11)American author, criticist
Menninger, Karl Augustus (1)American psychiatrist
Mitchell, Margaret (1)American author
Mizner, Wilson (2)American playwright
Montgomery, Lucy Maud (3)Canadian author
Morley, Christopher (2)American journalist, author and poet
Mumford, Lewis (1)American historian, philosopher of science
Nathan, George Jean (2)American criticist
Oppenheim, James (1)American poet, author
Park, Robert (1)American sociologist
Parker, Dorothy (1)American author, poet
Parker, Gilbert (1)Canadian-born English author and politician
Patton, George Smith (1)American general
Peale, Norman Vincent (1)Writer and clergyman
Pearsall Smith, Logan (1)American author
Pessoa, Fernando (2)Portuguese poet
Picasso, Pablo (6)Spanish painter and sculptor
Pinero, Arthur Wing (1)English actor, author and director
Planck, Max (2)German physicist
Poincaré, Henri (8)French mathematician, physicist and philosopher
Pollock, Channing (1)American playwright, criticist
Pound, Ezra (2)American poet
Prochnow, Herbert V. (1)American banking executive
Proust, Marcel (3)French author, criticist
Quillen, Robert (1)American author and comedian
Rathbone, Basil (1)South Africa-born English actor
Renard, Jules (3)French author
Rilke, Rainer Maria (3)Austrian poet
Rimbaud, Arthur (1)French poet
Rogers, Will (2)American comedian, actor
Roosevelt, Eleanor (14)American politician
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano (3)the 32nd President of the United States
Roosevelt, Theodore (9)the 26th President of the United States
Rowland, Helen (2)American comedian and journalist
Russell, Bertrand (31)English mathematician, philosopher
Saint-Exupéry, Antoine de (10)French author and pilot
Sandburg, Carl (5)American author and poet
Santayana, George (10)American philosopher, author, poet
Sayers, Dorothy L. (1)English crime writer, poet
Shaw, George Bernard (19)Irish-born playwright
Sitwell, Edith (1)British poet and critic
Stein, Gertrude (2)American author
Stengel, Casey (1)American baseball player and coach
Szent-Györgyi, Albert (2)Hungarian biochemist
Szilárd, Leó (1)Hungarian physicist
Teale, Edmund Way (1)American naturalist, photographer, writer
Thurber, James (1)American author
Tressell, Robert (2)pen name of Robert Croker, Irish writer
Trevelyan, George M. (1)British historian
Truman, Harry Spencer (2)the 33rd President of the United States
Unamuno, Miguel de (1)Spanish author, poet, philosopher
van Gogh, Vincent (4)Dutch painter
Vygotsky, Lev S. (1)Russian psychologist
West, Mae (5)American actress
West, Rebecca (1)pen name of Cicely Isabel Fairfield, English author
Wharton, Edith (2)American author
Whitehead, Alfred North (5)English-born American philosopher
Wilcox, Ella Wheeler (2)American author, poet
Wilde, Oscar (84)Irish poet, author, playwright
Wilder, Laura Ingalls (1)American author
Wilder, Thornton Niven (6)American author
Wilson, Woodrow (3)the 28th President of the United States
Winchell, Walter (1)American commentator
Woolf, Virginia (6)English author
Wright, Frank Lloyd (2)American architect
Yeats, William Butler (2)Irish poet, author
Zweig, Stefan (1)Austrian author, poet, translator

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