Authors born after 1950

Author (number of quotes)Description
Adams, Douglas (25)English author
Adams, Scott (15)American comic strip writer
Ahern, Cecelia (1)Irish-born author
al-Sharif, Manal (1)Saudi Arabian women's rights activist and computer scientist
Albom, Mitch (14)American author, journalist
Allan, Gary (1)stage name of Gary Allan Herzberg, American singer and dalszerző
Anderson, David J. (1)American neurobiologist
Anderson, Harry (1)American actor and magician
Ashton, Kevin (2)British technology pioneer
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia (1)American author
Azevedo, Sasha (1)American actress
Banksy (1)English-based graffiti artist
Barrymore, Drew (1)American actress
Bartlett, Bo (1)American painter
Bell, Rob (1)American author and pastor
Bennington, Chester (1)American musician
Bertschinger, Edmund (1)American physicist at MIT
Black, Holly (2)American writer and editor
Bon, Simon Le (1)English musician
Bon Jovi, Jon (2)American musician, singer, songwriter, and actor
Bono (2)Irish singer-songwriter, musician, and businessman
Boosler, Elaine (1)American comedian
Boyd, Danah (1)American social media scholar
Brashares, Ann (1)American author
Brody, Adrien (4)American actor and film producer
Brooks, Michael (1)English author
Brown, Dan (5)American author
Bryson, Bill (1)American author
Burton, Tim (4)American director
Butcher, Jim (2)American author
Butler, Brett (1)American actress
Cabot, Meg (8)American author
Card, Orson Scott (9)American author
Cass, Kiera (2)American author
Chbosky, Stephen (3)American novelist and screenwriter
Cobain, Kurt (7)American musician
Colfer, Eoin (1)Irish author
Collins, Suzanne (11)American author
Coupland, Douglas (3)Canadian novelist
Davidson, Craig (1)Canadian author of short stories and novels
Dessen, Sarah (11)American author
Downham, Jenny (1)British novelist
Duane, Diane (1)American science fiction and fantasy author
Eggers, Dave (1)American author
Elkeles, Simone (3)American author
Elliott, Stephen (1)American author
Evans, Richard Paul (1)American author
Fforde, Jasper (2)British novelist
Fitzpatrick, Becca (2)American author
Foer, Joshua (2)American journalist
Friedman, Thomas L. (1)American journalist and author
Fry, Stephen (2)English comedian, author and actor
Gaede, Bill (1)Argentine engineer, programmer
Gaiman, Neil (39)English author and poet
Gates, Bill (4)American businessman
Geldof, Bob (2)Irish-born singer, composer, actor and activist
Giffin, Emily (4)American author
Gilbert, Elizabeth (19)American author
Gladwell, Malcolm (4)English-born Canadian journalist, author, and speaker
Gledhill, Ruth (1)English journalist
Graham, Paul (1)English essayist and programmer
Gray, Claudia (9)pen name of Amy Vincent, American author
Green, John (10)American author
Greene, Brian (1)American theoretical physicist
Greenwald, Glenn (3)American lawyer, journalist and author
Groening, Matt (1)American cartoonist
Haddon, Mark (1)English novelist and poet
Hanson, Joe (1)American writer and comedian
Harris, Charlaine (23)American author
Harris, Joanne (8)English author
Harris, Sam (36)American author, philosopher
Hedberg, Mitchell Lee (2)American comedian
Heffernan, Margaret (1)American businesswoman and writer
Hi, Lee (1)South Korean singer
Hillis, Danny (1)American scientist, engineer, entrepreneur, and author
Hocking, Amanda (1)American writer
Hodgell, P. C. (1)American fantasy writer, artist, professor
Hoffman, Alice (1)American author
Hopkins, Ellen (1)American novelist
Horan, Niall (2)Irish-born musician
Hornby, Nick (4)English author
Horowitz, Anthony (1)English author
Hosseini, Khaled (8)Afghan-born American author and doctor
Ito, Joi (1)Japanese-American activist, entrepreneur, venture capitalist
Iyer, Pico (2)full name Siddharth Pico Raghavan Iyer, British-born essayist and novelist of Indian origin
Jackson, Michael (6)American musician
James, E. L. (1)English author
Jillette, Penn (25)American illusionist and comedian
Jo Kwon (1)South Korean singer
Jobs, Steve (6)American businessman and inventor
Johnson, Kimberly (1)American poet and scientist
Kenyon, Sherrilyn (1)American writer
Kingsolver, Barbara (2)American author
Kleypas, Lisa (3)American author
Larson, Jonathan (1)American composer and playwright
Larsson, Stieg (1)Swedish author
Lawrence, Mark (1)American and British novelist
Lindqvist, John Ajvide (6)Swedish author
Lovato, Demi (4)American actress and singer
Lucado, Max (2)American author and preacher
Madonna (3)stage name of Madonna Louise Ciccone, Italian -born American singer, actor/actress
Maguire, Gregory (2)American author
Manson, Marilyn (6)American musician
Maraboli, Steve (74)motivational speaker and author
Marchetta, Melina (1)Australian writer and teacher
Marr, Melissa (3)American author
McConaughey, Matthew (1)American actor
McGregor, Conor (2)Irish martial artist
Mead, Richelle (5)American author
Meyer, Stephenie (29)American author
Michael, George (1)stage name of Georgios-Kyriacos Panayiotou, Greek -born English singer
Miller, Donald (2)American author and public speaker
Mlodinow, Leonard (2)American physicist, author
Moore, Christopher (9)American author
Myss, Caroline (1)American author
Nicholls, David (3)English author
Noel, Alyson (34)American author
Palahniuk, Chuck (53)American author
Paolini, Christopher (13)American author
Pariser, Eli (26)American author, political and internet activist
Pattinson, Robert (1)English-born actor, modell, musician
Pausch, Randy (4)American professor of computer science
Philips, Emo (1)American comedian
Pinker, Steven (8)Canadian-American psychologist
Popper, John (1)American musician
Reznor, Michael Trent (2)American musician, singer and producer
Ridley, Matt (1)English journalist, author, businessman
Robbins, Anthony (2)American author
Roberts, Gregory David (1)Australian author
Rodriguez, Paul (2)Mexican-born American actor
Rowling, J. K. (9)English author
Rubin, Harriet (1)American writer
Rudner, Rita (3)American author and comedian
Russell, Keri (1)American actress
Salecl, Renata (1)Slovene sociologist and philosopher
Schattke, Jonathan (1)American IT technician
Sebold, Alice (1)American author
Sedaris, Amy (1)American actress, author, and comedian
Seinfeld, Jerry (1)American stand-up comedian
Shakur, Tupac Amaru (3)American musician
Shames, Laurence (1)American author and journalist
Shan, Darren (2)Irish-born author
Sheffield, Rob (1)American music journalist and author
Shermer, Michael (15)American science writer
Shusterman, Neal (1)American author
Sinek, Simon (2)English author, motivational speaker
Smolin, Lee (4)American theoretical physicist
Snicket, Lemony (14)pen name of Daniel Handler, American author
Sokal, Alan (1)American mathematican
Sparks, Nicholas (29)American author
Stiefvater, Maggie (7)American author
Surowiecki, James (3)American journalist
Tablo (6)stage name of Daniel Armand Lee, Korean-Canadian rapper
Tan, Amy (1)American author
Teller, Janne (5)Danish author
Thiel, Peter (1)American entrepreneur
Tupac, Amaru Shakur (1)American musician
Tyson, Mike (5)American boxer
Tyson, Neil deGrasse (20)American astrophysicist
Valo, Ville Hermanni (1)Finnish composer, musician and singer
Warren, Rick (1)American evangelical Christian minister and author
Watterson, Bill (1)American cartoonist
Westerfeld, Scott (6)American author
Williams, Robin (1)American actor, director, producer
Williamson, Marianne (2)American author, spiritual activist
Wilson, Thomas Francis (1)American actor, author and comedian
Winfrey, Oprah (5)American media proprietor, talk show host, actress
Winterson, Jeanette (1)English author
Wright, Steven (1)American comedian, writer
Young, William Paul (4)Canadian author

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