Author (number of quotes)Description
Abbey, Edward (3)American author
Adams, Douglas (25)English author
Adams, Henry Brooks (4)American author, journalist, historian
Adams, Scott (15)American comic strip writer
Addison, Joseph (6)English author
Ahern, Cecelia (1)Irish-born author
Alberti, Leon Battista (1)Italian architect, linguist, author and philosopher
Albom, Mitch (14)American author, journalist
Alcott, Louisa May (6)American author
Allen, Woody (23)American author, actor, director and producer
Allende, Isabel (2)Chilean American writer
Angelou, Maya (13)American author and poet
Anthony, Piers (1)full name Piers Anthony Dillingham Jacob, English American author in the science fiction and fantasy genres
Apollinaire, Guillaume (1)French author, poet, criticist
Arden, Paul (21)American creative director and author
Argov, Sherry (2)American author
Armstrong, Kelley (1)Canadian writer
Asimov, Isaac (35)Russian-born American author and biochemist
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia (1)American author
Auerbach, Berthold (1)German-Jewish poet, author
Austen, Jane (15)English author
Auster, Paul (2)American author
Babcock, Maltbie Davenport (1)American clergyman and writer
Babits, Mihály (1)Hungarian poet, author and translator
Bach, Richard (19)American author
Bagehot, Walter (2)English businessman, author and journalist
Bagnold, Enid (1)British author
Baker, Russell (1)American writer
Baldwin, Faith (1)American author
Barrie, J. M. (2)Scottish author and dramatist
Barry, Dave (11)American author
Bates, Daisy (1)American civil rights activist, publisher and writer
Beagle, Peter S. (1)American author
Beauvoir, Simone de (2)French author and philosopher
Bell, Rob (1)American author and pastor
Bennett, Alan (2)British playwright, screenwriter, actor and author
Bennett, Bo (2)pen name of Robert Bennett, American businessman and author
Benson, Edward Frederic (1)English novelist, biographer and short story writer
Betjeman, John (1)English author and poet
Black, Holly (2)American writer and editor
Bon Jovi, Jon (2)American musician, singer, songwriter, and actor
Bono (2)Irish singer-songwriter, musician, and businessman
Boom, Corrie ten (1)Dutch Christian author
Boone, Pat (1)pen name of Charles Eugene Boone, American singer, actor and author
Borland, Hal (2)American author
Bovee, Christian Nestell (3)American author
Börne, Ludwig (1)German author
Bracken, Peg (1)American author
Bradbury, Ray (4)American fantasy, horror and science fiction author
Brashares, Ann (1)American author
Brogan, Denis William (1)English author and historian
Bronte, Charlotte (6)English author
Brooks, Michael (1)English author
Brown, Dan (5)American author
Brown, H. Jackson (10)American author
Brown, Les (2)American author
Brown, Pam (1)Australian author
Brown, Rita Mae (3)American writer
Browne, Thomas (2)English author
Bryson, Bill (1)American author
Bujold, Lois McMaster (1)American author
Bukowski, Charles (16)American author
Butcher, Jim (2)American author
Butler, Samuel (6)English author
Cabot, Meg (8)American author
Calvino, Italo (1)Italian author
Campbell, Bebe Moore (1)American author
Campbell, Joseph (6)American author and scientist
Camus, Albert (17)French author, philosopher
Card, Orson Scott (9)American author
Carlin, George (7)Comedian, actor, author
Carlyle, Thomas (6)Scottish-born author and historian
Carroll, Lewis (6)pen name of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, English author and poet
Carter-Scott, Cherie (3)American author
Cass, Kiera (2)American author
Cather, Willa (3)American author
Chamfort, Nicolas (3)French author
Chapin, Edwin Hubbell (2)American priest, author
Chbosky, Stephen (3)American novelist and screenwriter
Chesterton, Gilbert Keith (2)English author
Christie, Agatha (17)English author
Churchill, Winston (12)English politician, author
Clare, Cassandra (18)American-born author
Clarke, Arthur Charles (6)English author
Cleaver, Eldridge (1)American writer and political activist
Cleese, John Marwood (1)English comedian, author and producer
Cocteau, Jean (4)French poet, author, painter, actor, composer and director
Colby, Frank Moore (1)American author, historian
Colette, Sidonie-Gabrielle (1)French author
Colfer, Eoin (1)Irish author
Collins, Suzanne (11)American author
Colton, Charles Caleb (6)English clegyman, author
Conklin, Robert (2)American author
Conrad, Joseph (2)Polish-born English author
Cosgrove, Stephen (1)American author
Cousins, Norman (2)American political journalist, author and professor
Covey, Stephen R. (4)American author
Crowley, Aleister (2)English-born occultist, author
Cummings, Edward Estlin (2)American author, poet, painter
Dahlberg, Edward (3)American author
Dalberg-Acton, John (1)English historian, politician, and writer
Davidson, Craig (1)Canadian author of short stories and novels
Dawkins, Richard (24)British evolutionary biologist and author
Dessen, Sarah (11)American author
Devlin, Keith (3)British writer, mathematician
Diamond, Jared (3)American scientist and author
Dickens, Charles (13)English author
Dillard, Annie (1)American author
Disraeli, Benjamin (9)English author and politician
Doren, Mark Van (1)American writer, poet
Dosztojevszkij, Fjodor Mihajlovics (2)Russian author
Douglas, Norman (1)English author
Doyle, Arthur Conan (17)Scottish-born author
Dryden, John (4)English author, poet
Duane, Diane (1)American science fiction and fantasy author
Dumas, Alexandre (10)French author
Dunne, Finley Peter (1)American author and comedian
Durant, Will (1)American author, historian, philosopher
Durrell, Gerald (4)English zoologist and author
Dyer, Wayne (1)American author
Dyer, Wayne W. (1)American author
Eastman, Max (2)American author, activist
Eco, Umberto (7)Italian author
Eddings, David (4)American fantasy writer
Eggers, Dave (1)American author
Eliot, George (7)English author
Elkeles, Simone (3)American author
Elliott, Stephen (1)American author
Ellis, Henry Havelock (3)English psychologist and author
Ellison, Harlan (1)American writer
Emerson, Ralph Waldo (38)American author, poet
Ephron, Nora (3)American director, producer, author
Ertz, Susan (1)English author
Evanovich, Janet (1)American author
Evans, Richard Paul (1)American author
Feather, William (1)American author
Fischer, Ernst (1)Bohemian-born Austrian journalist, writer and politician
Fitzgerald, F. Scott (2)American author
Fitzpatrick, Becca (2)American author
Flagg, Fannie (1)stage name of Patricia Neal, American author and actor/actress
Fowles, John (1)English author
France, Anatole (5)French author, poet
Franklin, Benjamin (21)American author, politician, philosopher, scientist
Friedman, Thomas L. (1)American journalist and author
Fry, Stephen (2)English comedian, author and actor
Fuller, Richard Buckminster (2)American architect, poet, author, inventor
Gaiman, Neil (39)English author and poet
Gibran, Khalil (1)Lebanese-American artist, poet, and writer
Gide, André (1)French author
Giffin, Emily (4)American author
Gilbert, Elizabeth (19)American author
Gladwell, Malcolm (4)English-born Canadian journalist, author, and speaker
Godwin, Gail (1)American author
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von (13)German author and poet
Golden, Arthur (3)American author
Golding, William (3)English author and poet
Goldman, William (3)American author
Goodkind, Terry (2)American author
Gray, Claudia (9)pen name of Amy Vincent, American author
Green, John (10)American author
Greene, Graham (1)English author
Greenwald, Glenn (3)American lawyer, journalist and author
Groom, Winston (2)American novelist and non-fiction writer
Gruen, Sara (1)Canadian-born American author
Halsey, Margaret (1)American author
Hanson, Joe (1)American writer and comedian
Harris, Annaka (3)american author
Harris, Charlaine (23)American author
Harris, Joanne (8)English author
Harris, Sam (36)American author, philosopher
Harrison, George (1)English musician, singer and songwriter, the lead guitarist of the Beatles
Harte, Bret (1)American author and poet
Hawkins, Karen (4)American author
Hawthorne, Nathaniel (3)American author
Heffernan, Margaret (1)American businesswoman and writer
Heinlein, Robert Anson (5)American science fiction writer
Hemingway, Ernest (9)American author, journalist
Henry, O. (1)pen name of the American writer William Sydney Porter
Herbert, Frank (2)American sci-fi author
Hillis, Danny (1)American scientist, engineer, entrepreneur, and author
Hitchens, Christopher (4)British American author and journalist
Hocking, Amanda (1)American writer
Hodgell, P. C. (1)American fantasy writer, artist, professor
Hoffman, Alice (1)American author
Holliwell, Raymond (1)American author
Hornby, Nick (4)English author
Horowitz, Anthony (1)English author
Hosseini, Khaled (8)Afghan-born American author and doctor
Hugo, Victor (16)French poet, writer
Iles, George (1)American author
Irving, Washington (1)American author and historian
Ivins, Molly (1)pen name of Mary Tyler Ivins, American newspaper columnist, author, political commentator, and humorist
James, E. L. (1)English author
James, Henry (2)American-born English author
Jay, Francine (5)American writer, minimalist
Jenkins, A. M. (5)American author
Jerome, Jerome K. (1)English writer and humorist
Johnson, Samuel (8)English author and poet
Jókai, Mór (4)Hungarian author
Jones, Franklin Pierce (2)American author, comedian
Joyce, James (2)Irish-born poet, author, criticist
Kafka, Franz (2)German author
Kate, Lauren (1)American author
Kaufman, Josh (1)american business expert, author
Keen, Sam (1)American author, professor and philosopher
Keller, Helen (10)American deafblind author, political activist, and lecturer
Kenison, Katrina (4)American writer
Kenyon, Sherrilyn (1)American writer
Kidd, Sue Monk (3)American writer
King, Stephen (94)American author
Kingsley, Charles (1)English author and historian
Kingsolver, Barbara (2)American author
Kipling, Joseph Rudyard (3)English author and poet
Klein, Stephanie (1)American blogger and author
Kleypas, Lisa (3)American author
Knox, Jen (1)American writer
Koestler, Arthur (4)Hungarian author and journalist
Kosztolányi, Dezső (3)Hungarian author, poet, translator, journalist
Kuban, Karla (1)American author
Kundera, Milan (3)Czech-French author, playwright and poet
Kurzweil, Ray (6)American inventor and author
Lamartine, Alphonse de (2)French author and poet
Lamb, Wally (1)American author
Larsson, Stieg (1)Swedish author
Lawrence, Cooper (1)American radio veteran and author
Lawrence, D. H. (8)full name David Herbert Richards Lawrence, English author, poet, literary critic and painter
Leavitt, Robert Keith (1)American author
Lebowitz, Fran (1)American author
Lederer, Richard (1)American author, speaker, and teacher
Lee, Harper (7)American author
Lee, Stan (1)pen name of Stanley Martin Lieber, American comic book writer
Lennon, John (8)English musician and singer-songwriter, one of the founding members of The Beatles
Letterman, Elmer G. (2)American businessman and author
Levant, Oscar (2)American musician, actor, author
Lewis, Sinclair (1)American author
Lindner, Robert M. (1)American author and psychologist
Lindqvist, John Ajvide (6)Swedish author
London, Jack (3)American author
Long, Haniel Clark (1)American poet and author
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth (6)American author and poet
Lowry, Lois (1)American author
Lucado, Max (2)American author and preacher
M. Barrie, James (1)Scottish author and dramatist
Macaulay, Thomas Babington (2)English politician and author
MacDonald, George (1)Scottish author and poet
Madách, Imre (8)Hungarian author
Maguire, Gregory (2)American author
Mailer, Norman (2)American author
Maltz, Maxwell (1)American cosmetic surgeon and author
Mannes, Marya (1)pen name of Maria von Heimburg Mannes, American author and criticist
Maraboli, Steve (74)motivational speaker and author
Márai, Sándor (10)Hungarian author
Marchetta, Melina (1)Australian writer and teacher
Marley, Bob (5)Jamaican singer, songwriter and musician
Márquez, Gabriel Garcia (1)Columbian author, activist
Marquis, Don (3)full name Donald Robert Perry Marquis, American comedian and author
Marr, Melissa (3)American author
Marshall, Peter (2)English author
Martin, George R. R. (5)American novelist, screenwriter, and television producer
Martin, Steve (1)American actor, comedian, author, producer, musician
Maugham, William Somerset (3)English author
Maurois, Andre (1)French author, historian
McCay, James T. (1)American author
McEwan, Ian (1)English author
McLaughlin, Mignon (1)American author and journalist
Mead, Richelle (5)American author
Mencken, Henry Louis (11)American author, criticist
Meri, Lennart Georg (1)Estonian-born author, director, politician
Meyer, Joyce (1)pen name of Pauline Joyce Hutchison Meyer, American author and speaker
Meyer, Stephenie (29)American author
Miller, Donald (2)American author and public speaker
Milligan, Spike (1)Irish-born author, poet, comedian, musician
Mitchell, Margaret (1)American author
Mlodinow, Leonard (2)American physicist, author
Moning, Karen Marie (1)American author
Montagu, Elizabeth (1)English-born author
Montgomery, Lucy Maud (3)Canadian author
Moore, Christopher (9)American author
Morley, Christopher (2)American journalist, author and poet
Morris, William (1)English artist, writer
Morrison, Jim (9)American singer, author, poet, director
Muir, John (1)Scottish-born American scientist and author
Murakami, Haruki (14)Japanese author and translator
Myss, Caroline (1)American author
Neruda, Pablo (1)Chilean-born author
Nhat Hanh, Thich (3)Vietnamese Buddhist monk, teacher, author, poet
Nicholls, David (3)English author
Nightingale, Earl (1)American author, motivational speaker
Nizer, Louis (1)English-born American lawyer and author
Noel, Alyson (34)American author
Oliver, Lauren (3)American author
Oppenheim, James (1)American poet, author
Orben, Robert (4)American author and magician
Orwell, George (16)English author, criticist, journalist
Örkény, István (2)Hungarian author, playwright
Pagels, Douglas (1)American author
Paine, Thomas (6)English-American author and politician
Palahniuk, Chuck (53)American author
Paolini, Christopher (13)American author
Pariser, Eli (26)American author, political and internet activist
Parker, Dorothy (1)American author, poet
Parker, Gilbert (1)Canadian-born English author and politician
Parsons, Paul (1)American writer, journalist
Patterson, James (6)American author
Peale, Norman Vincent (1)Writer and clergyman
Pearsall Smith, Logan (1)American author
Pike, Albert (1)American lawyer, author, soldier
Pinero, Arthur Wing (1)English actor, author and director
Pinter, Harold (1)English screenwriter, director and actor
Piper, John (1)American Christian preacher and author
Plath, Sylvia (3)American author and poet
Poe, Edgar Allan (9)American author, poet
Pohl, Frederick (1)full name Frederik George Pohl, Jr., American science fiction writer and editor
Potts, Rolf (5)American travel writer
Pratchett, Terry (42)English author
Proust, Marcel (3)French author, criticist
Puzo, Mario Gianluigi (1)American author
Quillen, Robert (1)American author and comedian
Rand, Ayn (8)Russian-born American author and philosopher
Raymo, Chet (1)American writer, educator
Renard, Jules (3)French author
Rice, Anne (9)American author
Richards, Johnathan (2)former Federal prison inmate, author
Ridley, Matt (1)English journalist, author, businessman
Robbins, Anthony (2)American author
Robbins, Tom (2)American author
Roberts, Gregory David (1)Australian author
Roberts, Nora (1)American author
Rochefoucauld, Francois de La (2)French author
Roth, Veronica (2)American author
Rouda, Kaira (1)American writer
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques (3)French philosopher, author and composer
Rowling, J. K. (9)English author
Rubin, Gretchen (3)American author and lawyer
Rubin, Harriet (1)American writer
Rudner, Rita (3)American author and comedian
Runbeck, Margaret Lee (2)American author
Rupp, Joyce (1)American author and psychologist
Ryan, Carrie (1)American author
Sagan, Carl (44)American astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist, author
Sagan, Francoise (1)French author
Saint-Exupéry, Antoine de (10)French author and pilot
Salinger, Jerome David (1)American author
Sand, George (1)French author
Sandburg, Carl (5)American author and poet
Santayana, George (10)American philosopher, author, poet
Sayers, Dorothy L. (1)English crime writer, poet
Schlegel, Friedrich von (1)German philosopher and author
Schmidt, Dan (2)author
Sebold, Alice (1)American author
Sedaris, Amy (1)American actress, author, and comedian
Sexton, Anne (1)American author and poet
Shames, Laurence (1)American author and journalist
Shan, Darren (2)Irish-born author
Sheehan, George (1)American author
Sheffield, Rob (1)American music journalist and author
Shelley, Mary (4)English author
Shermer, Michael (15)American science writer
Shusterman, Neal (1)American author
Sinek, Simon (2)English author, motivational speaker
Smiles, Samuel (1)Scottish author and reformer
Snicket, Lemony (14)pen name of Daniel Handler, American author
Sparks, Nicholas (29)American author
Stein, Gertrude (2)American author
Steinbeck, John (6)American writer
Steinem, Gloria (1)American feminist and author
Stiefvater, Maggie (7)American author
Stowe, Harriet Beecher (1)American author
Swift, Jonathan (4)Irish-born author
Szabó, Magda (4)Hungarian author, translator
Tan, Amy (1)American author
Teale, Edmund Way (1)American naturalist, photographer, writer
Teller, Janne (5)Danish author
Thomas, Dylan (1)Welsh poet and writer
Thompson, Hunter S. (1)American journalist and author
Thoreau, Henry David (41)American author, philosopher
Thucydides (1)Greek historian and author
Thurber, James (1)American author
Tolstoy, Leo (4)Russian writer
Tomlin, Lily (3)American actress, producer, author
Tracy, Brian (2)American author
Tressell, Robert (2)pen name of Robert Croker, Irish writer
Twain, Mark (52)American author
Tzu, Lao (1)Ancient Chinese philosopher, author of the Tao Te Ching
Ulrich, Laurel Thatcher (1)America historian and writer
Unamuno, Miguel de (1)Spanish author, poet, philosopher
Ustinov, Peter (3)English actor, director, author
Vaughan, Bill (1)American author
Verne, Jules (2)French author
Vinci, Leonardo da (4)Italian painter, scientist, sculptor, architect, composer, poet and author
Voltaire (14)French author, poet, philosopher
Vonnegut, Kurt (11)American writer
Vos Savant, Marilyn (1)American author
Vörösmarty, Mihály (4)Hungarian poet, author
Walpole, Horace (1)pen name of Horatio Walpole, English author, politician
Walters, J. Donald (1)Romanian-born yogi and author
Ward, J. R. (3)pen name of Jessica Rowley Pell Bird, American author
Ward, William Arthur (6)American author
Warren, Rick (1)American evangelical Christian minister and author
Watkins, Susan M. (1)American author, journalist
Waugh, Evelyn (2)English author
West, Rebecca (1)pen name of Cicely Isabel Fairfield, English author
Westerfeld, Scott (6)American author
Wharton, Edith (2)American author
Whately, Richard (1)English theologian and author
Wiesel, Elie (3)Romanian-born American author and activist
Wilcox, Ella Wheeler (2)American author, poet
Wilde, Larry (1)American comedian and author
Wilde, Oscar (84)Irish poet, author, playwright
Wilder, Laura Ingalls (1)American author
Wilder, Thornton Niven (6)American author
Willard, Nancy (1)American author and poet
Williams, Tennessee (3)American author
Williamson, Marianne (2)American author, spiritual activist
Wilson, Thomas Francis (1)American actor, author and comedian
Winter, William (1)American author
Winterson, Jeanette (1)English author
Woolf, Virginia (6)English author
Wright, Stephen (2)American writer
Wright, Steven (1)American comedian, writer
Wyse, Lois (1)American advertising executive, author
Yeats, William Butler (2)Irish poet, author
Young, William Paul (4)Canadian author
Zelazny, Roger (2)full name Roger Joseph Zelazny, American writer of fantasy and science fiction short stories and novels
Ziglar, Zig (3)American author
Zweig, Stefan (1)Austrian author, poet, translator

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