Black Sails

American historical adventure TV series (2014-2017)

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The world is so full of surprises. Let it surprise you.

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It`s an uncertain world [...]. Best to live in the now.

A measure of a man is in the moment when he is confronted by himself.

You raised me to respect the truth. To know it is the root of all virtue.

I`ve lived long enough to know that any promise made beside the word "forever" is no more than a lie agreed upon. There is no forever. Everything moves towards its end. And the closer we get to ours, the louder that clock ticks, the less a sane man would let a promise deprive him of happiness.

I say to offer to pardon something one fears is the act of a coward.

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Strife makes a man strong. For if a man is capable of confronting death daily, functioning in the face of it, there`s no telling what else that man can do, and a man whose limits cannot be known is a very hard man to defeat in battle.

All struggles are uphill. That`s why they`re called struggles.

When the world promises undesirable outcomes, only a fool believes he can alter the latter without first addressing the state of the former.

The most compelling lies are comprised almost entirely of the truth. But that`s what it does. Cloaks itself in whatever it must to move you to action. And the more you deny its presence, the more powerful it gets, and the more likely it is to consume you entirely without you ever even knowing it was there.

Our darkest motives will conceal themselves from us, cloak themselves in whatever they must in order to move us to action.

To be underestimated is an incredible gift.

All life begins in violence and wailing. It will pass.

We are at our least rational when we`re at our most vulnerable.


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