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There are times when morality and the law are on opposite sides.

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Fear is normal! The goal is to conquer the fear, not to avoid it or pretend it doesn`t exist.

We generally resist change until the pain of making a switch becomes less than the pain of remaining in our current situation.

Don`t just escape from something; escape to something.

When you say no to some things, it gives you the chance to say yes to many more.

A classic rule of writing and editing: when writing, don` t hesitate to include something; when editing, don` t hesitate to throw it out.

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All those good things you`ve done before are nice, but the future can be even better. Focus on that.

The most memorable times in our lives are often the most challenging.

Most of us have lottery fantasies from time to time. I don’t think they’re necessarily harmful; I just think there’s a better alternative. The alternative is to write your own winning lottery ticket, not by the sudden accumulation of wealth but the gradual reduction to what you decide is essential for your life. That’s my proposal: creating your own life isn’t quite like winning the lottery. It’s better.


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