Christopher Moore

American author
1957 —

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If you do your job and assume that everyone else is incompetent, you will seldom be disappointed.

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What`s morality? It`s the difference between what is right and what you can rationalize.

Anger is the gods` way of letting you know you are alive.

Rarely does one encounter a combination of human traits quite so frightening as a psychopath with a purpose.

He wasn`t looking for perfection, just someone who made him feel secure enough to be insecure around her.

That`s the scary thing about hope. [...] If you let it go too long it turns into faith.

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Privacy is a wonderful thing. Like love, privacy is most manifest in its absence.

Only by being prepared for your death can you ever truly live.

If you think anyone is sane you just don`t know enough about them.


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