Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel

French fashion designer
19 August 1883 — 10 January 1971

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In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.

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A women who doesn`t wear perfume has no future.

Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.

There are people who have money and people who are rich.

Nature gives you the face you have at twenty. Life shapes the face you have at thirty. But at fifty you get the face you deserve.

I consider lace to be one of the prettiest imitations ever made of the fantasy of nature; lace always evokes for me those incomparable designs which the branches and leaves of trees embroider across the sky, and I do not think that any invention of the human spirit could have a more graceful or precise origin.

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I don`t do fashion, I am fashion.

If a man talks about all women, it usually means he was burned by one woman.

Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.


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