Authors: B

Author (number of quotes)Description
B. DeMille, Cecil (1)American director, producer and actor
Babbage, Charles (2)English mathematician, philosopher, inventor
Babcock, Maltbie Davenport (1)American clergyman and writer
Babits, Mihály (1)Hungarian poet, author and translator
Bach, Richard (19)American author
Bachelard, Gaston (2)French philosopher
Bacon, Francis (19)English philosopher, statesman
Bacon, Roger (2)English philosopher
Bagehot, Walter (2)English businessman, author and journalist
Bagnold, Enid (1)British author
Bailey, Pearl (3)American actress
Baker, Russell (1)American writer
Baker, Simon (1)Australian actor
Balassi, Bálint (2)Hungarian poet
Baldwin, Faith (1)American author
Baldwin, James (3)American novelist
Bale, Christian (2)English-American actor
Ballard, Duane Robert (1)American professor of oceanography
Balzac, Honoré de (2)French author
Bancroft, George (1)American historian and statesman
Bandura, Albert (1)Canadian-born American psychologist
Bangs, Richard (1)American author and television personality
Banksy (1)English-based graffiti artist
Bardem, Javier (1)Spanish actor
Bardot, Brigitte (1)French actress and singer
Barker, Dan (2)American activist, author and musician
Barnes, Albert (1)
Barreau, Nicolas (2)French author
Barrie, J. M. (2)Scottish author and dramatist
Barrow, John D. (1)English cosmologist, theoretical physicist, and mathematician
Barry, Dave (11)American author
Barrymore, Drew (6)American actress
Barthes, Roland (1)French literary theorist, philosopher, critic
Bartlett, Bo (1)American painter
Bartók, Béla (3)Hungarian composer and pianist
Barzun, Jacques (1)French-born American historian
Basho, Matsuo (1)Japanese poet
Bates, Daisy (1)American civil rights activist, publisher and writer
Baudelaire, Charles (3)French poet
Bauer, Joan (1)
Baumgartner, Felix (1)Austrian skydiver
Bausch, William J. (1)
Baxter, Beverly (1)Canadian-English journalist
Baye, Betty Winston (1)
Beagle, Peter S. (1)American author
Beatty, Paul (1)American author
Beauvoir, Simone de (2)French author and philosopher
Beckett, Samuel (2)Irish novelist, playwright, theatre director, and poet
Beecher, Henry Ward (15)American clergyman
Beerbohm, Max (1)English essayist, parodist
Beethoven, Ludwig van (2)German composer
Bejar, Hada (1)actor
Belfort, Jordan (1)American author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker
Bell, Alexander Graham (1)Scottish-born scientist, inventor, engineer, and innovator
Bell, Rob (1)American author and pastor
Bellah, Robert Neelly (1)American sociologist
Bellamy, Matthew James (1)English musician, composer and singer
Belloc, Hilaire (1)French-born English poet
Bennett, Alan (2)British playwright, screenwriter, actor and author
Bennett, Bo (2)pen name of Robert Bennett, American businessman and author
Bennington, Chester (1)American musician
Benson, Edward Frederic (1)English novelist, biographer and short story writer
Berenson, Bernard (1)American art historian
Berger, John (1)English art critic, novelist
Bergman, Ingrid (4)Swedish actress
Bergson, Henri (1)French philosopher
Berkus, Rusty (1)American author
Berle, Milton (1)American comedian and actor
Berlin, Irving (1)American composer
Bernard, Claude (1)French physiologist
Berra, Yogi (1)American baseball player
Berry, Wendell (1)American novelist, poet
Bertschinger, Edmund (1)American physicist at MIT
Beston, Henry (1)American author and scientist
Betjeman, John (1)English author and poet
Betti, Ugo (1)Italian judge
Bezos, Jeff (1)American businessman
Bharat, Krishna (1)Indian research scientist
Bialik, Mayim (2)American actress and neurologist
Bible (3)a canonical collection of texts sacred in Judaism and Christianity
Bieber, Justin (1)
Bieber, Justin Drew (2)Canadian singer
Bierce, Ambrose (4)
Biersack, Andy (1)American musician, composer and actor
Billings, Josh (7)American comedian
Binmore, Ken (1)British mathematician and economist
Binoche, Juliette (1)French actress
Black, Holly (2)American writer and editor
Blaine, David (1)American magician
Blair, Tony (1)British politician
Blake, Eubie (1)American composer, lyricist and pianist
Blake, William (7)English poet and painter
Blanchett, Cate (1)Australian actress and director
Bloom, Allan (1)
Bloomfield, Harold (1)American psychiatrist and author
Bloomingdale, Teresa (1)
Blunt, Emily (1)English actress
Bocelli, Andrea (1)Italian singer
Boghossian, Peter (3)American philosopher
Bohr, Niels (9)Danish physicist
Bombeck, Erma (6)American comedian
Bon, Simon Le (1)English musician
Bon Jovi, Jon (2)American musician, singer, songwriter, and actor
Bonaparte, Napoleon (6)French military and political leader
Bono (2)Irish singer-songwriter, musician, and businessman
Boom, Corrie ten (1)Dutch Christian author
Boone, Pat (1)pen name of Charles Eugene Boone, American singer, actor and author
Boorstin, Daniel J. (2)American historian, lawyer and author
Boosler, Elaine (1)American comedian
Borge, Victor (2)Danish comedian, conductor and pianist
Borland, Hal (3)American author
Borlaug, Norman Ernest (1)American agronomist, and humanitarian
Born, Max (1)Nobel-díjas German physicist
Bott, Raoul (1)Hungarian mathematician
Boutroux, Pierre (1)French mathematician
Bovee, Christian Nestell (3)American author
Bowen, Elizabeth (1)English-Irish-born author
Bowie, David (3)English musician, actor and producer
Boyd, Danah (1)American social media scholar
Boyle, Robert (1)Irish-English physicist and chemist
Börne, Ludwig (1)German author
Bracken, Peg (1)American author
Bradbury, Ray (4)American fantasy, horror and science fiction author
Bradley, Charles (1)American singer
Bradley, Omar Nelson (1)American general
Bragg, William Henry (1)English physicist and chemist
Brakeall, Linda (1)
Brando, Marlon (1)American actor
Branson, Richard (1)English businessman
Braque, Georges (1)French painter and sculptor
Brashares, Ann (1)American author
Bray, Libba (5)American author
Bray, Thomas (1)English clergyman
Breathnach, Sarah Ban (2)American author
Brecht, Bertolt (1)
Bresson, Robert (1)French director
Brighton, Henry (1)Artificial Intelligence researcher
Brilliant, Ashleigh (4)cartoonist
Brinkley, David (1)
Brisbane, Arthur (2)
Brodsky, Joseph (1)
Brody, Adrien (4)American actor and film producer
Brogan, Denis William (1)English author and historian
Bronowski, Jacob (2)English mathematician, biologist
Bronson, Po (1)American author and journalist
Bronte, Charlotte (6)English author
Brooks, Michael (1)English author
Brown, Dan (5)American author
Brown, Derren (1)English magician and author
Brown, H. Jackson (10)American author
Brown, Les (3)American author
Brown, Pam (1)Australian author
Brown, Rita Mae (3)American writer
Browne, Thomas (2)English author
Browning, Robert (3)English poet
Bruno, Giordano (1)Italian philosopher
Bryan, William Jennings (1)American politician
Bryson, Bill (1)American author
Buddha (9)Spiritual teacher
Bujold, Lois McMaster (1)American author
Bukowski, Charles (17)American author
Bulwer-Lytton, Edward (2)English author, poet, politician
Bunyan, John (1)English-born author and clergyman
Burgess, Anthony (2)English author, poet, composer, and translator
Burgess, Frank Gelett (2)
Burke, Edmund (3)
Burns, George (5)Amerikai author, comedian
Burroughs, Augusten (4)
Burroughs, John (1)
Burroughs, William S. (3)
Burton, Robert (1)English scientist and clergyman
Burton, Tim (4)American director
Butcher, Jim (2)American author
Butler, Brett (1)American actress
Butler, Nicholas Murray (1)American philosopher
Butler, Samuel (7)English author
Byas, Don (1)American musician

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