Authors born between 1900 and 1950

Author (number of quotes)Description
Abbey, Edward (3)American author
Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem (1)American professional basketball player
Achebe, Chinua (1)Nigerian novelist, poet
Adamov, Arthur (1)Russian-born playwright
Adams, Ansel (1)American photographer
Adams, Joey (1)stage name of Joseph Abramowitz, American comedian
Adorno, Theodor W. (2)German-born sociologist and philosopher
Aldrin, Buzz (4)American astronaut
Alexander, Shana (1)American journalist
Ali, Muhammad (11)American boxer
Allen, Woody (25)American author, actor, director and producer
Allende, Isabel (2)Chilean American writer
Alsop, Stewart (1)American newspaper columnist
Amati, Daniele (1)Italian physicist
Amis, Martin (1)British novelist
Anderson, Philip W. (1)American physicist
Anderson, Walter (1)American author, painter
Angelou, Maya (13)American author and poet
Annan, Kofi (1)Ghanaian diplomat
Anthony, Piers (1)English-American author
Arden, Paul (21)American creative director and author
Armstrong, Louis Daniel (2)American singer
Armstrong, Neil Alden (1)American astronaut, aerospace engineer
Arnold, Vladimir (1)Soviet-Russian mathematician
Aronson, Elliot (1)American psychologist
Asimov, Isaac (37)Russian-born American author and biochemist
Atwood, Margaret (8)Canadian poet and novelist
Auden, Wystan Hugh (1)English author
Auster, Paul (2)American author
Bach, Richard (19)American author
Bailey, Pearl (3)American actress
Baker, Russell (1)American writer
Baldwin, James (3)American novelist
Ballard, Duane Robert (1)American professor of oceanography
Bandura, Albert (1)Canadian-born American psychologist
Bangs, Richard (1)American author and television personality
Bardot, Brigitte (1)French actress and singer
Barker, Dan (2)American activist, author and musician
Barry, Dave (11)American author
Barthes, Roland (1)French literary theorist, philosopher, critic
Barzun, Jacques (1)French-born American historian
Bates, Daisy (1)American civil rights activist, publisher and writer
Beagle, Peter S. (1)American author
Beauvoir, Simone de (2)French author and philosopher
Beckett, Samuel (2)Irish novelist, playwright, theatre director, and poet
Bellah, Robert Neelly (1)American sociologist
Bennett, Alan (2)British playwright, screenwriter, actor and author
Berger, John (1)English art critic, novelist
Bergman, Ingrid (4)Swedish actress
Berle, Milton (1)American comedian and actor
Berra, Yogi (1)American baseball player
Berry, Wendell (1)American novelist, poet
Betjeman, John (1)English author and poet
Binmore, Ken (1)British mathematician and economist
Bloomfield, Harold (1)American psychiatrist and author
Bombeck, Erma (6)American comedian
Boone, Pat (1)pen name of Charles Eugene Boone, American singer, actor and author
Boorstin, Daniel J. (2)American historian, lawyer and author
Borge, Victor (2)Danish comedian, conductor and pianist
Borland, Hal (3)American author
Borlaug, Norman Ernest (1)American agronomist, and humanitarian
Bott, Raoul (1)Hungarian mathematician
Bowie, David (3)English musician, actor and producer
Bracken, Peg (1)American author
Bradbury, Ray (4)American fantasy, horror and science fiction author
Bradley, Charles (1)American singer
Brando, Marlon (1)American actor
Branson, Richard (1)English businessman
Bresson, Robert (1)French director
Brilliant, Ashleigh (2)cartoonist
Brogan, Denis William (1)English author and historian
Bronowski, Jacob (2)English mathematician, biologist
Brown, H. Jackson (10)American author
Brown, Les (3)American author
Brown, Rita Mae (3)American writer
Bujold, Lois McMaster (1)American author
Bukowski, Charles (17)American author
Burgess, Anthony (2)English author, poet, composer, and translator
Byas, Don (1)American musician
Caddy, Eileen (1)founder of Findhorn Foundation
Cage, John (2)American composer
Caldwell, Sarah (1)American opera conductor, impresario, and stage director
Callas, Maria (1)Greek-American operatic singer
Calvino, Italo (1)Italian author
Campbell, Bebe Moore (1)American author
Campbell, Joseph (6)American author and scientist
Camus, Albert (18)French author, philosopher
Canfield, Jack (2)American author and motivational speaker
Capa, Robert (2)Hungarian war photographer and photojournalist
Carletti, Elio (1)Italian painter
Carlin, George (7)Comedian, actor, author
Carter-Scott, Cherie (3)American author
Chakiris, George (1)American dancer, actor and singer
Chopra, Deepak (8)American New Age guru
Clancy, Tom (1)American author
Clapton, Eric (1)English guitarist, singer and composer
Clark, Frank A. (2)American editor
Clarke, Arthur Charles (7)English author
Cleaver, Eldridge (1)American writer and political activist
Cleese, John Marwood (1)English comedian, author and producer
Clinton, Hillary (1)American politician and jurist
Cochran, Johnnie (3)American lawyer
Coelho, Paulo (70)Brazilian lyricist and novelist
Collins, Joan (1)English actress
Commoner, Barry (1)American biologist
Connery, Sean (1)Scottish actor
Connolly, Cyril Vernon (1)English literary critic and writer
Cooper, Alice (1)American rock singer
Corcoran, Barbara (1)American businesswoman, investor, speaker, author, and TV personality
Cosby, Bill (6)American actor and comedian
Cosgrove, Stephen (1)American author
Cousins, Norman (2)American political journalist, author and professor
Cousteau, Jacques-Yves (1)French naval officer, filmmaker, scientist and author
Covey, Stephen R. (4)American author
Crawford, Joan (1)American actress
Crescenzo, Luciano De (1)Italian author, actor and director
Crick, Francis (2)British molecular biologist, biophysicist and neuroscientist
Crosby, Bing (1)American singer and actor
Cussler, Clive (1)American author
Dahl, Roald (1)Norwegian-born English author
Dahlberg, Edward (4)American author
Dahlbom, Bo (1)Swedish philosopher, computer scientist and researcher
Dangerfield, Rodney (8)American comedian
Davis, Belva (1)American television and radio journalist
Davis, Bette (1)stage name of Ruth Elizabeth Davis, American actress
Davis, William (1)English journalist
Dawkins, Richard (25)British evolutionary biologist and author
de Geus, Arie (1)Dutch businessman
De Niro, Robert (1)American actor, producer, and director
De Vries, Peter (1)American editor, novelist
Dean, James (1)American actor
Dean, Jimmy Ray (1)American singer, anchorman, actor and businessman
Delon, Alain (2)French actor, director, producer
Dennett, Daniel (47)American philosopher
Devlin, Keith (3)British writer, mathematician
Diamond, Jared (3)American scientist and author
Dietrich, Marlene (3)German actress and singer
Dillard, Annie (1)American author
Diller, Phyllis (3)American comedian
Dior, Christian (1)French fashion designer
Dirac, Paul (3)English physicist
Disney, Walt (1)American filmdirector and screenwriter
Dobzhansky, Theodosius (2)Russian-born American geneticist and evolutionary biologist
Douglas, Michael (2)American actor and producer
Downs, Hugh (1)American author, producer and TV personality
Drucker, Peter Ferdinand (1)author
Durrell, Gerald (4)English zoologist and author
Dyer, Wayne (2)American author
Dyer, Wayne W. (1)American author
Dylan, Bob (5)American musician and poet
Ebert, Roger (2)American film critic, historian, journalist, screenwriter, and author
Eco, Umberto (7)Italian author
Eddings, David (5)American fantasy writer
Ellison, Harlan (1)American writer
Ephron, Nora (3)American director, producer, author
Evanovich, Janet (1)American author
Fadiman, Clifton (1)American author, radio and television personality
Fawcett, Farrah (1)American actress
Ferguson, Alex (2)Scottish football manager and player
Feynman, Richard (22)American physicist
Fisher, Helen (1)American anthropologist and human behavior researcher
Flagg, Fannie (1)stage name of Patricia Neal, American author and actress
Fonda, Jane (1)American actress
Forbes, Malcolm (1)American journalist
Ford, Harrison (1)American actor
Ford, Julie Anne (1)Australian radio editor
Fossey, Dian (1)American primatologist
Fowles, John (1)English author
Frank, Anne (6)Jewish victim of the Holocaust
Frankl, Viktor E. (4)Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor
Franklin, Aretha (1)American singer
Franklin, Rosalind (1)English chemist and X-ray crystallographer
Fritz, Robert (1)American author, composer and movie maker
Fromm, Erich (6)German-American philosopher, psychologist
Frost, David (2)English television host, media personality, journalist, comedian, and writer
Frye, Mary Elizabeth (2)American housewife and florist
Gamow, George (1)Russian-born American physicist
Gardner, John William (1)American politician and author
Gerbner, George (1)Hungarian-born American professor of communication and the founder of cultivation theory
Gibb, Jack (1)American psychologist and author
Gibson, William (1)American-Canadian novelist
Ginsberg, Irwin Allen (1)American poet
Gitomer, Jeffrey (1)American author and motivational speaker
Glasgow, Arnold H. (1)American humorist
Goddard, Neville (1)American metaphysics trainer
Godwin, Gail (1)American author
Golding, William (3)English author and poet
Goldman, William (3)American author
Goodkind, Terry (2)American author
Goodman, Ellen (1)American journalist
Gore, Al (1)American politician
Gotti, John (2)Italian-American gangster
Graham, Billy (1)pen name of William Franklin `Billy` Graham, Jr., American evangelical Christian evangelist
Grayling, A. C. (5)English philosopher
Green, Ruth Hurmence (1)American author
Greene, Graham (1)English author
Gribbin, John (2)English physicist and author
Groom, Winston (2)American novelist and non-fiction writer
Halmos, Paul (2)Hungarian-born American mathematician
Halsey, Margaret (1)American author
Hammarskjöld, Dag (3)Swedish politician
Handey, Jack (1)American humorist
Hansberry, Lorraine (1)American author
Harris, Ed (1)American actor
Harrison, George (1)English musician, singer and songwriter, the lead guitarist of the Beatles
Harwell, Ernie (1)American sportscaster
Hawking, Stephen (13)English physicist
Hawn, Goldie (2)American actress, director, singer, and producer
Hay, Louise L. (2)American author
Heinlein, Robert Anson (5)American science fiction writer
Heisenberg, Werner (4)German physicist
Hepburn, Audrey (5)English–Dutch-born American-English actress
Hepburn, Katharine (1)American actress
Herbert, Frank (2)American sci-fi author
Hertzberg, Hendrik (1)American journalist
Heschel, Abraham Joshua (1)Polish-born American rabbi, theologian, and philosopher
Hinckley, Gordon B. (1)
Hitchens, Christopher (5)British American author and journalist
Hoffman, Dustin (2)American actor and producer
Holliwell, Raymond (1)American author
Holtz, Lou (5)American football coach and motivational speaker
Hope, Bob (5)English-born American comedian
Hull, Raymond (1)Canadian screenwriter
Iacocca, Lee (2)American businessman
Irving, John (1)American novelist
Ivins, Molly (1)pen name of Mary Tyler Ivins, American newspaper columnist, author, political commentator, and humorist
J. Gaines, Ernest (1)African-American author
Jackson, Jesse Louis (1)American activist
Jackson, Samuel L. (1)American actor
Jeffers, Susan (1)American psychologist
John, Elton (1)English composer, musician and singer
Johnson, Wendell (1)American psychologist
Johnston, Lynn (1)Canadian cartoonist
Jones, Franklin Pierce (2)American author, comedian
Jones, James Earl (1)American actor
Jones, Tommy Lee (1)American actor, director, producer and screenwriter
Jong, Erica (3)American author and teacher
Joplin, Janis Lyn (4)American singer
József, Attila (10)Hungarian poet
Kahlo, Frida (3)Mexican painter
Kahneman, Daniel (2)Israeli-American psychologist
Kaku, Michio (5)American theoretical physicist
Kanin, Garson (1)American author and director
Kelley, Kitty (1)American journalist
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald (3)the 35th President of the United States
Kennedy, Robert F. (1)American politican
Kidd, Sue Monk (3)American writer
King, B. B. (2)stage name of Riley B. King, American blues musician
King, Martin Luther (12)American clergyman, activist
King, Stephen (108)American author
Kleitman, Daniel (1)American mathematician
Koestler, Arthur (4)Hungarian author and journalist
Kroc, Ray (2)American fast food businessman
Kundera, Milan (3)Czech-French author, playwright and poet
Kurtz, Paul (1)American skeptic and secular humanist
Kurzweil, Ray (6)American inventor and author
Lagerfeld, Karl (1)German fashion designer
Lakatos, Imre (1)Hungarian philosopher of mathematics and science
Lamarr, Hedy (1)Austrian-born American actress and inventor
Lamb, Wally (1)American author
Langer, Ellen J. (3)American psychologist
Larson, Doug (10)English runner
Larson, Gary (1)American cartoonist
Lasch, Christopher (1)American historian and moralist
Lebowitz, Fran (2)American author
Lec, Stanislaw Jerzy (3)Polish poet
Lederer, Richard (1)American author, speaker, and teacher
Lederman, Leon (1)American physicist
Lee, Bruce (11)American martial arts instructor and actor
Lee, Christopher (2)English actor
Lee, Harper (7)American author
Lee, Stan (1)pen name of Stanley Martin Lieber, American comic book writer
Lehrer, Tom (2)American singer and mathematician
Leigh, Vivien (1)English actress
Lennon, John (10)English musician and singer-songwriter, one of the founding members of The Beatles
Levant, Oscar (4)American musician, actor, author
Levenson, Sam (3)American comedian
Levi-Strauss, Claude (1)French anthropologist, ethnologist
Levine, Stephen (1)American poet, author
Liebling, A. J. (1)American journalist
Likert, Rensis (1)American psychologist
Lindbergh, Anne Morrow (1)American pilot
Lindsay, Margaret (1)American actress
Livingstone, Ian (1)English author and entrepreneur
Lombardi, Vince (3)American coach
Loren, Sophia (1)Italian actress
Lorenz, Konrad (3)Austrian zoologist, ethologist, and ornithologist
Low, George (1)NASA administrator and 14th President of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Lowry, Lois (1)American author
Lydiard, Arthur (1)New Zealand runner and athletics coach
Lynes, Russell (1)American art historian and photographer
Maclaine, Shirley (1)American actress
Mailer, Norman (2)American author
Mandela, Nelson (7)President of South Africa
Mandelbrot, Benoit (1)Polish-born, French-American mathematician
Mannes, Marya (1)pen name of Maria von Heimburg Mannes, American author and criticist
Manson, Charles (1)American criminal
Mantle, Mickey (1)American baseball player
Márai, Sándor (10)Hungarian author
Marley, Bob (7)Jamaican singer, songwriter and musician
Márquez, Gabriel Garcia (1)Columbian author, activist
Martin, Dean (1)American singer, comedian and producer
Martin, George R. R. (5)American novelist, screenwriter, and television producer
Martin, Steve (2)American actor, comedian, author, producer, musician
May, Rollo (1)American psychologist
Mayr, Ernst (1)German-American evolutional biologist
McCabe, Charles (1)American journalist
McCarthy, Cormac (1)American author
McCarthy, John (1)American computer scientist
McCartney, Paul (1)English musician
McCourt, Malachy (1)Irish-American actor, author and politician
McEwan, Ian (1)English author
McLaughlin, Mignon (1)American author and journalist
McLeod, Bobby (1)Australian activist, poet and musician
McLuhan, Marshall (3)Canadian philosopher
Medawar, Peter (2)Brazilian-English biologist
Meltzer, Bernard C. (2)American radio host
Mercury, Freddie (1)English musician, singer of the Queen
Meri, Lennart Georg (1)Estonian-born author, director, politician
Merton, Robert K. (1)American sociologist
Meyer, Joyce (1)pen name of Pauline Joyce Hutchison Meyer, American author and speaker
Michener, James A. (1)American author
Milligan, Spike (1)Irish-born author, poet, comedian, musician
Mirren, Helen (2)American actress
Mitchell, Margaret (1)American author
Monroe, Marilyn (28)American singer and actress
Moore, Roger (1)English actor and producer
Morrison, Jim (7)American singer, author, poet, director
Mott, Nevill Francis (1)English physicist
Moynihan, Daniel Patrick (1)American politician, sociologist
Murakami, Haruki (14)Japanese author and translator
Needham, Richard J. (1)Canadian comedian
Nelms, Cynthia (1)American musician, singer
Nelson, Ricky (1)American singer
Neruda, Pablo (1)Chilean-born author
Neumann, John von (3)Hungarian-American mathematician
Newman, Paul (1)American actor, director
Nhat Hanh, Thich (4)Vietnamese Buddhist monk, teacher, author, poet
Nicholson, Jack (1)American actor, filmdirector and producer
Nightingale, Earl (1)American author, motivational speaker
Nin, Anais (1)French-American author
Nixon, Richard (2)the 37th President of the United States
Nizer, Louis (1)English-born American lawyer and author
Noll, Peter (8)Swiss lawyer, professor and author
Norris, Chuck (1)American actor
Orben, Robert (4)American author and magician
Orwell, George (17)English author, criticist, journalist
Osbourne, Ozzy (4)pen name of John Michael Osbourne, English singer
Osho (5)Indian guru and spiritual teacher
Owens, Jesse (1)American athlete
Örkény, István (2)Hungarian author, playwright
Pacino, Al (2)stage name of Alfredo James Pacino, American actor
Page, Jimmy (1)English musician, composer
Parcells, Bill (1)American futball coach
Parker, Charlie (1)American jazz saxophonist and composer
Parkinson, Cyril Northcote (1)English historian
Parton, Dolly (1)American singer, actress
Patterson, James (6)American author
Pauling, Linus (2)American chemist
Paulos, John Allen (1)American mathematician
Penrose, Roger (1)English mathematician and physicist
Peter, Laurence J. (2)American educator
Petty, Tom (2)American singer and songwriter
Pierce, Edith Lovejoy (1)English-American poet
Piercy, Marge (1)American poet, author, and activist
Pilgrim, Peace (1)American activist
Pinter, Harold (1)English screenwriter, director and actor
Piper, John (1)American Christian preacher and author
Plath, Sylvia (3)American author and poet
Pohl, Frederick (1)full name Frederik George Pohl, Jr., American science fiction writer and editor
Popper, Karl (2)Austrian philosopher
Pratchett, Terry (42)English author
Presley, Elvis (1)American singer and actor
Presley, Elvis Aaron (2)American musician and actor
Pross, Addy (1)chemicist
Puzo, Mario Gianluigi (1)American author
Radnóti, Miklós (5)Hungarian poet
Ram Dass, Baba (1)pen name of Richard Alpert, American spiritual teacher
Rand, Ayn (8)Russian-born American author and philosopher
Randi, James (4)Canadian-American stage magician, skeptic
Raymo, Chet (1)American writer, educator
Reagan, Ronald (1)the 40th President of the United States
Rees, Martin (2)British cosmologist and astrophysicist
Reeves, Hubert (1)French Canadian astrophysicist
Rényi, Alfréd (1)Hungarian mathematician
Rice, Anne (9)American author
Rickman, Alan (2)English actor
Ritchie, Dennis MacAlistair (2)American computer scientist
Robbins, Tom (2)American author
Roberts, Nora (1)American author
Robinson, Brooks (1)American baseball player
Robinson, Jackie (1)American baseball player
Roddick, Anita (1)British businesswoman
Rogers, Carl (1)American psychologist
Rogers, Kenny (1)American singer, actor
Rosten, Leo (1)Russian teacher, humorist
Royal, Darrell (1)American football player and coach
Rubbia, Carlo (1)Italian physicist
Rumsfeld, Donald (1)American politician and businessman
Runbeck, Margaret Lee (2)American author
Rupp, Joyce (1)American author and psychologist
Rushdie, Salman (1)British Indian novelist and essayist
Sacks, Oliver (1)English neurologist
Sagan, Carl (45)American astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist, author
Sagan, Francoise (1)French author
Saint-Exupéry, Antoine de (11)French author and pilot
Saint-Laurent, Yves (1)French fashion designer
Salinger, Jerome David (1)American author
Salk, Jonas (1)American doctor
Samuelson, Paul (1)American economist
Sarandon, Susan (1)American actress
Sarton, May (2)pen name of Eleanore Marie Sarton, American poet
Sartre, Jean-Paul (5)French philosopher
Satir, Virginia (1)American author and therapist
Scheffer, Victor B. (1)American biologist
Schuller, Robert Harold (3)American clergyman, author, and TV personality
Schulz, Charles Monroe (1)American cartoonist
Schwartz, Morrie (1)American sociology professor
Schwarzenegger, Arnold (6)Austrian and American bodybuilder, actor, politician
Sculley, John (1)American businessman
Seaborg, Glenn T. (2)American scientist
Seeger, Pete (1)American folk singer
Sexton, Anne (1)American author and poet
Shankly, Bill (1)Scottish football player and manager
Shapiro, Harold S. (1)Swedish-American mathematician
Sheehan, George (1)American author
Shore, Dinah (1)American singer and actress
Simic, Charles (1)Serbian-American poet
Sinatra, Frank (2)American musician and actor
Skinner, B. F. (1)American psychologist and author
Smiley, Jane (1)Americal novelist
Spence, Gerry (2)American lawyer
Stallone, Sylvester (1)American actor, filmdirector, and screenwriter
Steinbeck, John (6)American author
Steinem, Gloria (1)American feminist and author
Streep, Meryl (1)American actress
Suzuki, David (1)Canadian academic
Swindoll, Charles Rozell (2)American clergyman and author
Szabó, Magda (4)Hungarian author, translator
Szasz, Thomas Stephen (1)Hungarian-born American psychiatrist
Teresa, Mother (7)Albanian-born Indian Roman Catholic nun
Thomas, Dylan (1)Welsh poet and writer
Thompson, Hunter S. (1)American journalist and author
Thompson, Kenneth Lane (2)American computer scientist
Tolle, Eckhart (10)German-born Canadian author and spiritualist
Tomlin, Lily (3)American actress, producer, author
Tracy, Brian (2)American author
Trigger, Bruce Graham (1)Canadian archaeologist, anthropologist
Truffaut, Francois (1)French director and criticist
Trump, Donald (2)American president, businessman and author
Turing, Alan (1)English mathematician
Tynan, Kenneth (1)English author
Ulam, Stanislaw (1)Polish-American mathematician
Ulrich, Laurel Thatcher (1)America historian and writer
Ustinov, Peter (3)English actor, director, author
Vaughan, Bill (1)American author
Veenhoven, Ruut (1)Dutch sociologist
Vidal, Gore (1)American author and politician
Vonnegut, Kurt (11)American writer
Vos Savant, Marilyn (1)American author
Wadsworth, Charles (1)American classical pianist and musical promoter
Waits, Tom (6)American musician and actor
Walesa, Lech (1)Polish politician
Walken, Christopher (2)American actor
Walters, J. Donald (1)Romanian-born yogi and author
Ward, William Arthur (6)American author
Warhol, Andy (8)American painter
Watts, Alan Wilson (3)British-American philosopher
Waugh, Evelyn (2)English author
Wayne, John (1)American actor
Weiler, A. H. (1)American writer and critic
Weinberg, Steven (4)Nobel-díjas American physicist
West, Morris Langlo (1)Australian playwright
Westmoreland, William (1)American general
Wheeler, John Archibald (2)American physicist
White, Betty (2)American actress
Wiesel, Elie (3)Romanian-born American author and activist
Will, George (2)American journalist
Willard, Nancy (1)American author and poet
Williams, Bernard (1)English philosopher
Williams, Tennessee (3)American author
Wilson, Edward O. (1)American biologist
Wilson, Flip (1)American comedian and actor
Wilson, Kemmons (1)American businessman
Wisdom, Norman (1)English actor and comedian
Wolfe, Tom (1)American author and journalist
Wooden, John Robert (1)American basketball player and coach
Wright, Stephen (2)American writer
Wyatt, Woodrow (1)English politician and author
Wyse, Lois (1)American advertising executive, author
Yan, Martin (1)Chinese-American chef and food writer
Youngman, Henny (14)stage name of Henry Youngman, English-born American comedian
Zamperini, Louis (1)American athlete
Zappa, Frank (3)American composer, guitarist, producer and director
Zelazny, Roger (2)full name Roger Joseph Zelazny, American writer of fantasy and science fiction short stories and novels
Ziglar, Zig (4)American author

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