Movie (number of quotes)Description
27 Dresses (1)American romantic comedy (2008)
49 days (1)South Korean television fantasy drama series
50 / 50 (1)American drama (2011)
A Charlie Brown Christmas (1)animated TV film (1965)
A Friend Is a Treasure (1)American-Italian comedy (1981)
A Garfield Christmas Special (2)American animated television special (1987)
A Walk to Remember (2)American romantic drama (2002)
About Time (3)British romantic comedy-drama (2013)
American Horror Story (2)American TV Series (2011-)
Arrow (6)American superhero television series (2012-)
Autumn in New York (1)American romantic drama (2000)
Bewitched (1)American sitcom TV series (1964-1972)
Black Mirror (1)English TV series (2011-)
Black Sails (14)American historical adventure TV series (2014-2017)
Braveheart (1)American action movie (1995)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1)American television series (1997-2003)
Cashback (2)English comedy (2006)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (1)American comedy (2005)
City Hunter (1)South Korean television drama series (2011)
Closer (1)American romantic drama (2004)
Cold Case (1)American crime TV series (2003-2010)
Comet (6)American romance comedy drama (2014)
Community (1)American comedy TV series (2009-)
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (4)American science documentary television series (2014-)
Dark Tide (1)American-South African thriller (2011)
Dawson`s Creek (1)American drama television series
Death Note 2. (1)Japanese horror movie (2006)
Dexter (6)American TV series (2006-)
Dopamine (2)American romantic comedy-drama (2003)
Downton Abbey (1)English TV Series (2010-)
Easy A (1)American comedy (2010)
Eat Pray Love (5)American drama (2010)
Fireproof (1)American romance (2008)
Frankenweenie (1)American animated comedy (2012)
Friends (1)American TV series (1994-2004)
Full House (1)American sitcom TV series (1987-1995)
Gambit (1)British-American comedy (2012)
Good Times (1)American sitcom TV series (1974-1979)
Good Will Hunting (1)American drama (1997)
Gossip Girl (4)American teen drama series
Grey`s Anatomy (24)American medical drama TV series (2005-)
Hero Wanted (1)American action movie (2008)
Hitch (1)American comedy (2005)
Home Alone (2)American comedy (1990)
Home Alone 2 (3)American comedy (1992)
Hope Springs (1)American comedy (2012)
House of Cards (1)American political drama series (2013-)
How I Met Your Mother (5)American TV series (2005-2014)
I Love You, Man (1)American comedy (2009)
Into the Wild (1)American biographical drama survival film (2007)
Jane the Virgin (1)American satirical romantic comedy drama TV series (2014-)
Knight Rider (2)American TV series (1982-1986)
Little Manhattan (5)American romantic comedy (2005)
London Boulevard (1)British crime noir film (2010)
Love Actually (1)British romantic comedy (2003)
Love and Other Disasters (1)English-France romantic comedy (2006)
Love Comes Softly (2)American drama (2003)
Loving Pablo (6)Spanish drama (2017)
M.D., House (1)American television medical drama
Master`s Sun (1)South Korean television series (2013)
Melrose Place (1)American TV series (1992-1999)
Miami Vice (1)American action movie (2006)
Modern Family (1)American TV series (2009-)
Moulin Rouge (1)American-australian romantic movie (2001)
Napoleon Dynamite (1)American comedy (2004)
NCIS (7)American TV series (2003-)
New Year`s Eve (2)American romantic comedy (2011)
Nip Tuck (1)American drama series
Numb3rs (1)American crime television series (2005-2010)
Once Upon a Christmas (1)family film (2000)
Once Upon A Time (1)American fantasy-drama television series
Orange Is the New Black (4)American comedy-drama web TV series (2013-)
ParaNorman (2)American animated comedy horror (2012)
Practical Magic (1)American fantasy (1998)
Red Sparrow (1)American thriller (2018)
Reindeer Games (1)American thriller (2000)
RocknRolla (1)British crime movie (2008)
Scrooged (1)American comedy (1988)
Shrek the Halls (1)American television special (2007)
Stargate SG-1 (1)Canadian-American TV series (1997-2007)
Stranger Things (2)American science fiction-horror web TV series (2016-)
Supergirl (3)American TV series (2015-)
Supernatural (4)American dark fantasy TV series (2005-)
The Amazing Spider-Man (1)American action movie (2012)
The Bannen Way (1)American action movie (2010)
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (1)English comedy (2011)
The Big Bang Theory (4)American television series
The Book Thief (3)American-German drama (2013)
The Countess (3)French-German drama (2009)
The Dark Knight (1)English-American action (2008)
The End of Evangelion (1)Japanese animated science fiction film (1997)
The Golden Girls (1)American sitcom TV series (1985-1992)
The House That Jack Built (2)Danish-French-German-Swedish Horror-Drama (2018)
The Karate Kid (3)American-Chinese action movie (2010)
The Matrix Revolutions (1)American science fiction action (2003)
The Moon That Embraces The Sun (1)South Korean historical drama series
The Next Karate Kid (1)American martial arts drama (1994)
The Nightmare Before Christmas (2)American stop motion musical fantasy (1993)
The O. C. (1)American teen drama TV series (2003-2007)
The Proposition (1)English-Australian action (2005)
The Seventh Seal (3)Swedish drama (1957)
The Shawshank Redemption (1)American drama (1994)
The Simpsons (3)American animated sitcom (1989-)
The Spanish Prisoner (3)American drama (1997)
The Vampire Diaries (4)American drama television series
The Village (1)American fantasy thriller (2004)
Van Wilder (2)American-German comedy (2002)
Veronica Mars (1)American TV series (2004-2007)
Waiting for Forever (1)American romance (2010)
Wedding Crashers (1)American comedy (2005)
Wings (1)American sitcom TV series (1990-1997)

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