English authors

Author (number of quotes)Description
Adams, Douglas (26)English author
Addison, Joseph (6)English author
Amis, Martin (1)British novelist
Anthony, Piers (1)English-American author
Arnold, Matthew (2)English poet
Ashton, Kevin (2)British technology pioneer
Atkinson, Rowan (1)English comedian
Auden, Wystan Hugh (1)English author
Austen, Jane (15)English author
Babbage, Charles (2)English mathematician, philosopher, inventor
Bacon, Francis (19)English philosopher, statesman
Bacon, Roger (2)English philosopher
Bagehot, Walter (2)English businessman, author and journalist
Bagnold, Enid (1)British author
Bale, Christian (2)English-American actor
Banksy (1)English-based graffiti artist
Barrow, John D. (1)English cosmologist, theoretical physicist, and mathematician
Baxter, Beverly (1)Canadian-English journalist
Beerbohm, Max (1)English essayist, parodist
Bellamy, Matthew James (1)English musician, composer and singer
Belloc, Hilaire (1)French-born English poet
Bennett, Alan (2)British playwright, screenwriter, actor and author
Benson, Edward Frederic (1)English novelist, biographer and short story writer
Berger, John (1)English art critic, novelist
Betjeman, John (1)English author and poet
Binmore, Ken (1)British mathematician and economist
Blair, Tony (1)British politician
Blake, William (7)English poet and painter
Blunt, Emily (1)English actress
Bon, Simon Le (1)English musician
Bowen, Elizabeth (1)English-Irish-born author
Bowie, David (3)English musician, actor and producer
Boyle, Robert (1)Irish-English physicist and chemist
Bragg, William Henry (1)English physicist and chemist
Branson, Richard (1)English businessman
Bray, Thomas (1)English clergyman
Brogan, Denis William (1)English author and historian
Bronowski, Jacob (2)English mathematician, biologist
Bronte, Charlotte (6)English author
Brooks, Michael (1)English author
Brown, Derren (1)English magician and author
Browne, Thomas (2)English author
Browning, Robert (3)English poet
Bulwer-Lytton, Edward (2)English author, poet, politician
Bunyan, John (1)English-born author and clergyman
Burgess, Anthony (2)English author, poet, composer, and translator
Burton, Robert (1)English scientist and clergyman
Butler, Samuel (7)English author
Carroll, Lewis (6)pen name of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, English author and poet
Cecil, William (1)English statesman
Chaplin, Charlie (6)English actor, director
Chatterton, Thomas (1)English poet
Chesterton, Gilbert Keith (2)English author
Christie, Agatha (18)English author
Churchill, Winston (20)English politician, author
Clapton, Eric (1)English guitarist, singer and composer
Clarke, Arthur Charles (7)English author
Cleese, John Marwood (1)English comedian, author and producer
Clegg, Brian (1)English author
Clifford, William Kingdon (1)English mathematician and philosopher
Collins, Joan (1)English actress
Collins, John Churton (1)English literary critic
Collins, Lily (1)English-American actress and model
Colton, Charles Caleb (6)English clergyman, author
Connolly, Cyril Vernon (1)English literary critic and writer
Conrad, Joseph (2)Polish-born English author
Cowper, William (2)English poet
Crick, Francis (2)British molecular biologist, biophysicist and neuroscientist
Crowley, Aleister (2)English-born occultist, author
Dahl, Roald (1)Norwegian-born English author
Dalberg-Acton, John (1)English historian, politician, and writer
Dalton, John (1)English physicist and chemist
Darwin, Charles (11)English scientist
Darwin, Francis (1)English botanist
Davis, William (1)English journalist
Dawkins, Richard (25)British evolutionary biologist and author
Delevingne, Cara (1)English model
Devlin, Keith (3)British writer, mathematician
Dickens, Charles (15)English author
Dirac, Paul (3)English physicist
Disraeli, Benjamin (10)English author and politician
Donne, John (1)English poet
Douglas, Norman (1)English author
Downham, Jenny (1)British novelist
Dryden, John (4)English author, poet
Durrell, Gerald (4)English zoologist and author
Eliot, George (7)English author
Ellis, Henry Havelock (3)English psychologist and author
Ertz, Susan (1)English author
Faraday, Michael (1)English physicist and chemist
Fforde, Jasper (2)British novelist
Fiennes, Ralph (2)English actor
Fisher, Ronald (1)English statistician, biologist and geneticist
Fowles, John (1)English author
Franklin, Rosalind (1)English chemist and X-ray crystallographer
Frost, David (2)English television host, media personality, journalist, comedian, and writer
Fry, Stephen (2)English comedian, author and actor
Fuller, Thomas (2)English clergyman and historian
Gaiman, Neil (39)English author and poet
Gaskarth, Alex (1)English-American singer and musician
Gladwell, Malcolm (4)English-born Canadian journalist, author, and speaker
Gledhill, Ruth (1)English journalist
Golding, William (3)English author and poet
Goulding, Ellie (1)English singer and songwriter
Graham, Paul (1)English essayist and programmer
Grayling, A. C. (5)English philosopher
Greene, Graham (1)English author
Gribbin, John (2)English physicist and author
Haddon, Mark (1)English novelist and poet
Hamilton, Lewis (2)English driver
Hardy, Tom (1)English actor
Harris, Joanne (8)English author
Harrison, George (1)English musician, singer and songwriter, the lead guitarist of the Beatles
Hawking, Stephen (13)English physicist
Hayek, Friedrich (13)British economist and philosopher
Heber, Reginald (1)English bishop
Hepburn, Audrey (5)English–Dutch-born American-English actress
Hiddleston, Tom (1)English actor
Hitchcock, Alfred (1)English director, producer, screenwriter
Hitchens, Christopher (5)British American author and journalist
Hope, Bob (5)English-born American comedian
Hornby, Nick (4)English author
Horowitz, Anthony (1)English author
Iyer, Pico (2)full name Siddharth Pico Raghavan Iyer, British-born essayist and novelist of Indian origin
James, E. L. (1)pen name of Erika Mitchell, English author
James, Henry (2)American-born English author
Jerome, Jerome K. (1)English writer and humorist
John, Elton (1)English composer, musician and singer
Johnson, Barbara (2)English-American author
Johnson, Samuel (10)English author and poet
Jowett, Benjamin (1)English theologian
Keats, John (2)English poet
Keynes, John Maynard (2)English mathematician, economist
Kingsley, Charles (1)English author and historian
Kipling, Joseph Rudyard (3)English author and poet
Knightley, Keira (2)English actress
Larson, Doug (10)English runner
Lawrence, D. H. (8)full name David Herbert Richards Lawrence, English author, poet, literary critic and painter
Lawrence, Mark (1)American and British novelist
Lee, Christopher (2)English actor
Leigh, Vivien (1)English actress
Lennon, John (10)English musician and singer-songwriter, one of the founding members of The Beatles
Livingstone, Ian (1)English author and entrepreneur
Locke, John (3)English philosopher, doctor, politician
Lovelace, Richard (1)English poet
Macaulay, Thomas Babington (2)English politician and author
Macmillan, Maurice Harold (1)English politician
Malik, Zayn (5)stage name of Zain Jawadd Malik, English singer
Marshall, Peter (2)English author
Maugham, William Somerset (4)English author
McCartney, Paul (1)English musician
McEwan, Ian (1)English author
Medawar, Peter (2)Brazilian-English biologist
Mercury, Freddie (1)English musician, singer of the Queen
Michael, George (1)stage name of Georgios-Kyriacos Panayiotou, Greek -born English singer
Mill, John Stuart (1)English philosopher
Milton, John (3)English poet, politician
Montagu, Elizabeth (1)English-born author
Moore, Roger (1)English actor and producer
Morris, William (1)English artist, writer
Mott, Nevill Francis (1)English physicist
Newman, John Henry (1)English-born priest
Newton, Isaac (3)English physicist and mathematician
Nicholls, David (3)English author
Nizer, Louis (1)English-born American lawyer and author
Noble, Hannah (1)English model
Odell, Tom (1)English-born composer and singer
Oldman, Gary (2)English actor, author, filmdirector, and producer
Orwell, George (17)English author, criticist, journalist
Osbourne, Ozzy (4)pen name of John Michael Osbourne, English singer
Ottolenghi, Yotam (1)Israeli-British chef, restaurant owner, and food writer
Owen, Clive (1)English actor
Page, Jimmy (1)English musician, composer
Paine, Thomas (6)English-American author and politician
Parker, Gilbert (1)Canadian-born English author and politician
Parkinson, Cyril Northcote (1)English historian
Pattinson, Robert (1)English-born actor, modell, musician
Payne, Liam (1)English singer
Penrose, Roger (1)English mathematician and physicist
Pierce, Edith Lovejoy (1)English-American poet
Pinero, Arthur Wing (1)English actor, author and director
Pinter, Harold (1)English screenwriter, director and actor
Pope, Alexander (3)English poet
Pratchett, Terry (42)English author
Quincey, Thomas de (1)English author
Rathbone, Basil (1)South Africa-born English actor
Rees, Martin (2)British cosmologist and astrophysicist
Rickman, Alan (2)English actor
Ridley, Matt (5)English journalist, author, businessman
Ritchie, Guy (1)English screenwriter and movie maker
Roache, Linus (1)English actor
Roddick, Anita (1)British businesswoman
Rossetti, Christina (1)English poet
Rossetti, Christina Georgina (1)English poet
Rowling, J. K. (9)English author
Rushdie, Salman (1)British Indian novelist and essayist
Ruskin, John (2)English art critic
Russell, Bertrand (31)English mathematician, philosopher
Sacks, Oliver (1)English neurologist
Sayers, Dorothy L. (1)English crime writer, poet
Service, Robert (1)English-Canadian author and poet
Shakespeare, William (13)English playwright, poet, actor
Sheeran, Ed (3)English singer and songwriter
Shelley, Mary (4)English author
Shelley, Percy Bysshe (1)English poet
Sheppard, Mark (1)English actor, musician and producer
Sheridan, Nicollette (1)English actress
Sinek, Simon (3)English author, motivational speaker
Sitwell, Edith (1)British poet and critic
Southey, Robert (1)English poet
Speedman, Scott (1)English-born Canadian actor
Spencer, Herbert (1)English philosopher, biologist
Statham, Jason (1)English actor, producer, and martial artist
Stevens, Dan (1)English actor
Styles, Harry (3)English pop singer and actor
Suzuma, Tabitha (1)English author
Sykes, Oliver (1)English musician
Tennyson, Alfred (2)English poet
Tomlinson, Louis (3)English singer
Trevelyan, George M. (1)British historian
Turing, Alan (1)English mathematician
Turner, Alex (1)English singer and songwriter
Tynan, Kenneth (1)English author
Ustinov, Peter (3)English actor, director, author
Walpole, Horace (1)pen name of Horatio Walpole, English author, politician
Watson, Emma (2)English actress and model
Watts, Alan Wilson (3)British-American philosopher
Waugh, Evelyn (2)English author
West, Rebecca (2)pen name of Cicely Isabel Fairfield, English author
Westwick, Ed (1)English actor and musician
Whately, Richard (2)English theologian and author
Whitehead, Alfred North (5)English-born American philosopher
Williams, Bernard (1)English philosopher
Winehouse, Amy (1)English singer and songwriter
Winterson, Jeanette (1)English author
Wisdom, Norman (1)English actor and comedian
Woolf, Virginia (6)English author
Wordsworth, William (2)English poet
Wright, Bonnie (1)English actress
Wyatt, Woodrow (1)English politician and author
Youngman, Henny (14)stage name of Henry Youngman, English-born American comedian

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