French authors

Author (number of quotes)Description
Abelard, Pierre (1)French philosopher, theologian, logician
Apollinaire, Guillaume (1)French author, poet, criticist
Bachelard, Gaston (2)French philosopher
Balzac, Honoré de (2)French author
Bardot, Brigitte (1)French actress and singer
Barreau, Nicolas (2)French author
Barthes, Roland (1)French literary theorist, philosopher, critic
Barzun, Jacques (1)French-born American historian
Baudelaire, Charles (3)French poet
Beauvoir, Simone de (2)French author and philosopher
Belloc, Hilaire (1)French-born English poet
Bergson, Henri (1)French philosopher
Bernard, Claude (1)French physiologist
Binoche, Juliette (1)French actress
Bonaparte, Napoleon (6)French military and political leader
Boutroux, Pierre (1)French mathematician
Braque, Georges (1)French painter and sculptor
Bresson, Robert (1)French director
Camus, Albert (18)French author, philosopher
Carrel, Alexis (1)French surgeon and biologist
Chamfort, Nicolas (4)French author
Chanel, Coco (9)French fashion designer
Cocteau, Jean (4)French poet, author, painter, actor, composer and director
Colette, Sidonie-Gabrielle (1)French author
Cousteau, Jacques-Yves (1)French naval officer, filmmaker, scientist and author
Curie, Marie (1)Polish-born French physicist
de Broglie, Louis (1)French physicist
Deffand, Madame Marie du (2)French author
Degas, Edgar (1)French painter, sculptor
Delon, Alain (2)French actor, director, producer
Descartes, René (4)French philosopher, mathematician
Diderot, Denis (3)French philosopher
Dior, Christian (1)French fashion designer
Dumas, Alexandre (10)French author
Foch, Ferdinand (1)French politician
Fontaine, Jean de La (1)French author and poet
Fourier, Joseph (1)French mathematician and physicist
France, Anatole (5)French author, poet
Gide, André (2)French author
Guetta, David (1)French DJ, producer and songwriter
Hugo, Victor (17)French poet, writer
Joubert, Joseph (5)French moralist and essayist
Kundera, Milan (3)Czech-French author, playwright and poet
LaGrange, Joseph-Louis (1)Italian-born French mathematician and astronomer
Lamartine, Alphonse de (2)French author and poet
Laplace, Pierre-Simon (1)French mathematician, astronomer
Levi-Strauss, Claude (1)French anthropologist, ethnologist
Mandelbrot, Benoit (1)Polish-born, French-American mathematician
Marceau, Sophie (1)French actress
Mauriac, Francois (1)French author
Maurois, Andre (1)French author, historian
Monet, Claude (2)French painter
Montaigne, Michel de (6)French philosopher
Nin, Anais (1)French-American author
Pascal, Blaise (3)French mathematician, physicist
Pissarro, Camille (1)Danish-French Impressionist and Neo-Impressionist painter
Poincaré, Henri (8)French mathematician, physicist and philosopher
Poisson, Siméon (1)French mathematician
Prost, Alain (1)French racing driver
Proust, Marcel (5)French author, criticist
Reeves, Hubert (1)French Canadian astrophysicist
Renan, Ernest (1)French philosopher
Renard, Jules (3)French author
Rimbaud, Arthur (1)French poet
Rochefoucauld, Francois de La (2)French author
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques (4)French philosopher, author and composer
Roux, Joseph (1)French poet
Sagan, Francoise (1)French author
Saint-Exupéry, Antoine de (11)French author and pilot
Saint-Laurent, Yves (1)French fashion designer
Sand, George (1)French author
Sartre, Jean-Paul (5)French philosopher
Truffaut, Francois (1)French director and criticist
Verne, Jules (2)French author
Voltaire (15)French author, poet, philosopher

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