Author (number of quotes)Description
Ackles, Jensen (1)American actor
Alba, Jessica (2)American actress
Allen, Woody (27)American author, actor, director and producer
Anderson, Harry (1)American actor and magician
Azevedo, Sasha (1)American actress
B. DeMille, Cecil (1)American director, producer and actor
Bailey, Pearl (3)American actress
Baker, Simon (1)Australian actor
Bale, Christian (2)English-American actor
Bardem, Javier (1)Spanish actor
Bardot, Brigitte (1)French actress and singer
Barrymore, Drew (6)American actress
Bejar, Hada (1)actor
Bennett, Alan (2)British playwright, screenwriter, actor and author
Bergman, Ingrid (4)Swedish actress
Berle, Milton (1)American comedian and actor
Bialik, Mayim (2)American actress and neurologist
Biersack, Andy (1)American musician, composer and actor
Binoche, Juliette (1)French actress
Blanchett, Cate (1)Australian actress and director
Blunt, Emily (1)English actress
Bon Jovi, Jon (2)American musician, singer, songwriter, and actor
Boone, Pat (1)pen name of Charles Eugene Boone, American singer, actor and author
Bowie, David (3)English musician, actor and producer
Brando, Marlon (1)American actor
Brody, Adrien (4)American actor and film producer
Butler, Brett (1)American actress
Cage, Nicolas (1)stage name of Nicolas Kim Coppola, American actor
Camp, Anna (1)American actress and singer
Camp, Bill (1)American actor
Carlin, George (7)Comedian, actor, author
Chakiris, George (1)American dancer, actor and singer
Chan, Jackie (1)Hong Kong martial artist, actor, director, producer, stuntman, and singer
Chaplin, Charlie (6)English actor, director
Clooney, George (1)American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
Cocteau, Jean (4)French poet, author, painter, actor, composer and director
Collins, Joan (1)English actress
Collins, Lily (1)English-American actress and model
Connery, Sean (1)Scottish actor
Cosby, Bill (6)American actor and comedian
Crawford, Chace (1)American actor
Crawford, Joan (1)American actress
Crescenzo, Luciano De (1)Italian author, actor and director
Crosby, Bing (1)American singer and actor
Cross, Marcia (1)American actress
Crowe, Russell (1)Australian actor
Cruise, Tom (1)American actor and producer
Cruz, Penélope (1)Spanish actress
Culkin, Macaulay (2)American actor
Cuoco, Kaley (1)American actress
Curtis, Jamie Lee (1)American actress and author
Davis, Bette (1)stage name of Ruth Elizabeth Davis, American actress
De Niro, Robert (1)American actor, producer, and director
Dean, James (1)American actor
Dean, Jimmy Ray (1)American singer, anchorman, actor and businessman
DeGeneres, Ellen (3)American comedian and actress
Delon, Alain (2)French actor, director, producer
Dempsey, Patrick (1)American actor and driver
Denton, James (1)American actor
Depp, Johnny (4)American actor
Deschanel, Emily (1)American actress and producer
Deutch, Zoey (1)American actress
Diesel, Vin (1)American actor, producer and screenwriter
Dietrich, Marlene (3)German actress and singer
Douglas, Michael (2)American actor and producer
Epps, Omar (2)American actor, rapper, songwriter and record producer
Evans, Chris (1)American actor
Evans, Luke (1)Welsh actor and singer
Fanning, Dakota (1)American actress
Fanning, Elle (1)American actress
Farrell, Colin (1)Irish actor
Fawcett, Farrah (1)American actress
Ferguson, Rebecca (1)Swedish actress
Fields, William Claude (3)American actor and comedian
Fiennes, Ralph (2)English actor
Flagg, Fannie (1)stage name of Patricia Neal, American author and actress
Fonda, Jane (1)American actress
Ford, Harrison (1)American actor
Foster, Jodie (3)American actress and director
Fox, Michael J. (1)Canadian-born American actor
Fry, Stephen (2)English comedian, author and actor
Geldof, Bob (2)Irish-born singer, composer, actor and activist
Gibson, Mel (2)American-born Australian actor, director, and producer
Gosling, Ryan (1)Canadian actor and musician
Grande, Ariana (2)American actress and singer
Greene, Ashley (2)American actress and model
Hannigan, Alyson (1)American actress
Hardy, Tom (1)English actor
Harris, Ed (1)American actor
Hart, Hannah (1)American comedian, actress and author
Hathaway, Anne (1)American actress
Hawn, Goldie (2)American actress, director, singer, and producer
Helberg, Simon (1)American actor and comedian
Hepburn, Audrey (5)English–Dutch-born American-English actress
Hepburn, Katharine (1)American actress
Hiddleston, Tom (4)English actor
Hoffman, Dustin (2)American actor and producer
Hudson, Kate (1)American actress
Huffman, Felicity (1)American actress
Jackman, Hugh (2)Australian producer and actor
Jackson, Samuel L. (1)American actor
Jett, Joan (1)American rock singer, songwriter, composer and actress
Johnson, Dwayne (1)American actor, producer, and wrestler
Jolie, Angelina (1)American actress and model
Jones, James Earl (1)American actor
Jones, Tommy Lee (1)American actor, director, producer and screenwriter
Kebbel, Arielle (1)American actress, model and singer
Kidman, Nicole (2)Australian actress and producer
Kilmer, Val (1)American actor
Kinison, Sam (1)American comedian and actor
Knightley, Keira (2)English actress
Kusturica, Emir (2)Serbian director, screenwriter, actor, producer, and musician
Lamarr, Hedy (1)Austrian-born American actress and inventor
Lambert, Adam (2)American singer, songwriter, and actor
Lautner, Taylor (1)American actor, model, and martial artist
Lawrence, Jennifer (1)American actress
Lee, Bruce (11)American martial arts instructor and actor
Lee, Christopher (2)English actor
Leguizamo, John (1)Colombian-born American actor and producer
Leigh, Vivien (1)English actress
Leonard, Robert Sean (1)American actor
Leto, Jared (1)American actor and musician
Levant, Oscar (4)American musician, actor, author
Lima, Adriana (2)Brazilian model and actress
Lindsay, Margaret (1)American actress
Liu, Lucy (1)Chinese-born American actress
Lively, Blake (1)American actress
Longoria, Eva (1)American actress
Lopez, Jennifer (1)American singer and actress
Loren, Sophia (1)Italian actress
Lovato, Demi (4)American actress and singer
Lugosi, Béla (3)Hungarian-American actor
Maclaine, Shirley (1)American actress
Madonna (3)stage name of Madonna Louise Ciccone, Italian-born American singer, actress
Marceau, Sophie (1)French actress
Martin, Steve (2)American actor, comedian, author, producer, musician
Marx, Chico (1)American actor
Marx, Groucho (3)American actor and comedian
McAdams, Rachel (1)Canadian actress
McConaughey, Matthew (1)American actor
McCourt, Malachy (1)Irish-American actor, author and politician
Meester, Leighton (2)American actress, singer and model
Mirren, Helen (2)American actress
Monroe, Marilyn (28)American singer and actress
Moore, Demi (1)American actress
Moore, Roger (1)English actor and producer
Moore, Shemar (2)American actor and model
Morrison, Jennifer (3)American actress, model and producer
Neeson, Liam (1)Northern Irish actor
Newman, Paul (1)American actor, director
Nicholson, Jack (1)American actor, filmdirector and producer
Norris, Chuck (1)American actor
Norton, Edward (2)American actor
Oldman, Gary (2)English actor, author, filmdirector, and producer
Olsen, Elizabeth (3)American actress
Owen, Clive (1)English actor
O`Brien, Dylan (1)American actor
Pacino, Al (2)stage name of Alfredo James Pacino, American actor
Padalecki, Jared (1)American actor
Paltrow, Gwyneth (1)American actress and singer
Parker, Sarah Jessica (2)American actress and producer
Parton, Dolly (1)American singer, actress
Pattinson, Robert (1)English-born actor, modell, musician
Pfeiffer, Michelle (1)American actress and producer
Pinero, Arthur Wing (1)English actor, author and director
Pinter, Harold (1)English screenwriter, director and actor
Pitt, Brad (1)American actor and producer
Portman, Natalie (1)American actress
Presley, Elvis (1)American singer and actor
Presley, Elvis Aaron (2)American musician and actor
Rapace, Noomi (1)Swedish actress
Rathbone, Basil (1)South Africa-born English actor
Ricci, Christina (1)American actress
Rickman, Alan (2)English actor
Roache, Linus (1)English actor
Robbie, Margot (1)Australian actress
Rodriguez, Michelle (1)American actress
Rodriguez, Paul (2)Mexican-born American actor
Rogers, Kenny (1)American singer, actor
Rogers, Will (2)American comedian, actor
Russell, Keri (1)American actress
Russell, Kurt (1)American actor
Ryder, Winona (2)American actress and producer
Sandler, Adam (1)American actor and producer
Sarandon, Susan (1)American actress
Schwarzenegger, Arnold (6)Austrian and American bodybuilder, actor, politician
Seagal, Steven (1)American actor, film producer, screenwriter, martial artist, and musician
Sedaris, Amy (1)American actress, author, and comedian
Segel, Jason (1)American actor, screenwriter and musician
Shaddix, Jacoby (1)American musician, singer, songwriter, rapper and actor
Shakespeare, William (13)English playwright, poet, actor
Sheppard, Mark (1)English actor, musician and producer
Sheridan, Nicollette (1)English actress
Shore, Dinah (1)American singer and actress
Sinatra, Frank (2)American musician and actor
Smith, Kevin (1)American screenwriter, director, and actor
Smith, Will (1)stage name of Willard Christopher Smith, Jr., American actor, singer, and producer
Spacey, Kevin (1)American actor, producer and singer
Speedman, Scott (1)English-born Canadian actor
Stallone, Sylvester (1)American actor, filmdirector, and screenwriter
Statham, Jason (1)English actor, producer, and martial artist
Stevens, Dan (1)English actor
Stiles, Julia (2)American actress
Stone, Emma (1)American actress
Stone, Sharon (3)American actress and producer
Streep, Meryl (1)American actress
Styles, Harry (3)English pop singer and actor
Suvari, Mena (1)American actress, fashion designer and model
Swift, Taylor (3)American country-pop singer, songwriter, and actress
Tatum, Channing (1)American actor and dancer
Thorne, Bella (3)American actress, singer and model
Tomlin, Lily (3)American actress, producer, author
Travolta, John (2)American actor, producer, and director
Ustinov, Peter (3)English actor, director, author
Van Damme, Jean-Claude (1)Belgian martial artist, actor, producer and screenwriter
Waits, Tom (6)American musician and actor
Walken, Christopher (2)American actor
Walker, Paul (1)American actor
Waltz, Christoph (1)Austrian actor
Washington, Denzel (1)American actor, director and producer
Watson, Emma (2)English actress and model
Wayne, John (1)American actor
West, Mae (5)American actress
Westwick, Ed (1)English actor and musician
Wheaton, Wil (1)American actor, author and blogger
White, Betty (2)American actress
Williams, Robin (1)American actor, director, producer
Willis, Bruce (1)American actor, producer and singer
Wilson, Flip (1)American comedian and actor
Wilson, Owen (1)American actor and screenwriter
Wilson, Thomas Francis (1)American actor, author and comedian
Winfrey, Oprah (6)American media proprietor, talk show host, actress
Wisdom, Norman (1)English actor and comedian
Witherspoon, Reese (2)American actress
Wright, Bonnie (1)English actress

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