Author (number of quotes)Description
Allan, Gary (1)stage name of Gary Allan Herzberg, American singer and dalszerző
Armstrong, Louis Daniel (2)American singer
Bardot, Brigitte (1)French actress and singer
Bellamy, Matthew James (1)English musician, composer and singer
Bieber, Justin Drew (2)Canadian singer
Bocelli, Andrea (1)Italian singer
Bon Jovi, Jon (2)American musician, singer, songwriter, and actor
Bono (2)Irish singer-songwriter, musician, and businessman
Boone, Pat (1)pen name of Charles Eugene Boone, American singer, actor and author
Bradley, Charles (1)American singer
Cabello, Camila (2)Cuban-American singer and songwriter
Callas, Maria (1)Greek-American operatic singer
Camp, Anna (1)American actress and singer
Chakiris, George (1)American dancer, actor and singer
Chan, Jackie (1)Hong Kong martial artist, actor, director, producer, stuntman, and singer
Cimorelli, Lisa (1)American singer
Clapton, Eric (1)English guitarist, singer and composer
Cooper, Alice (1)American rock singer
Crosby, Bing (1)American singer and actor
Dean, Jimmy Ray (1)American singer, anchorman, actor and businessman
Dietrich, Marlene (3)German actress and singer
Evans, Luke (1)Welsh actor and singer
Franklin, Aretha (1)American singer
Gaskarth, Alex (1)English-American singer and musician
Geldof, Bob (2)Irish-born singer, composer, actor and activist
Goulding, Ellie (1)English singer and songwriter
Grande, Ariana (2)American actress and singer
Guthrie, Jim (1)Canadian singer
Harris, Calvin (1)Scottish DJ, record producer, singer, and songwriter
Harrison, George (1)English musician, singer and songwriter, the lead guitarist of the Beatles
Hawn, Goldie (2)American actress, director, singer, and producer
Hi, Lee (1)South Korean singer
Houston, Whitney (1)American singer
Hurston, Zora Neale (1)American singer
Iglesias, Enrique (1)Spanish singer
Jauregui, Lauren (1)American singer
Jett, Joan (1)American rock singer, songwriter, composer and actress
Jo Kwon (1)South Korean singer
John, Elton (1)English composer, musician and singer
Joplin, Janis Lyn (4)American singer
Kaulitz, Bill (1)German singer, songwriter, fashion designer and model
Kebbel, Arielle (1)American actress, model and singer
Lady Gaga (3)stage name of Stefani Germanotta, American singer and songwriter
Lambert, Adam (2)American singer, songwriter, and actor
Lehrer, Tom (2)American singer and mathematician
Lennon, John (10)English musician and singer-songwriter, one of the founding members of The Beatles
Levine, Adam (1)American singer and composer
Lopez, Jennifer (1)American singer and actress
Lovato, Demi (4)American actress and singer
Madonna (3)stage name of Madonna Louise Ciccone, Italian-born American singer, actress
Malik, Zayn (5)stage name of Zain Jawadd Malik, English singer
Marley, Bob (7)Jamaican singer, songwriter and musician
Mars, Bruno (1)stage name of Peter Gene Hernandez, American singer, songwriter and producer
Martin, Dean (1)American singer, comedian and producer
Meester, Leighton (2)American actress, singer and model
Mercury, Freddie (1)English musician, singer of the Queen
Michael, George (1)stage name of Georgios-Kyriacos Panayiotou, Greek -born English singer
Monroe, Marilyn (28)American singer and actress
Morrison, Jim (7)American singer, author, poet, director
Nelms, Cynthia (1)American musician, singer
Nelson, Ricky (1)American singer
Odell, Tom (1)English-born composer and singer
Osbourne, Ozzy (4)pen name of John Michael Osbourne, English singer
Paltrow, Gwyneth (1)American actress and singer
Parton, Dolly (1)American singer, actress
Payne, Liam (1)English singer
Perri, Christina (2)American singer and songwriter
Petty, Tom (2)American singer and songwriter
Presley, Elvis (1)American singer and actor
Purdy, Ashley (3)American singer
Reznor, Michael Trent (2)American musician, singer and producer
Rogers, Kenny (1)American singer, actor
Seeger, Pete (1)American folk singer
Shaddix, Jacoby (1)American musician, singer, songwriter, rapper and actor
Sheeran, Ed (3)English singer and songwriter
Shore, Dinah (1)American singer and actress
Smith, Will (1)stage name of Willard Christopher Smith, Jr., American actor, singer, and producer
Spacey, Kevin (1)American actor, producer and singer
Staley, Layne (3)American musician, singer and author
Styles, Harry (3)English pop singer and actor
Swift, Taylor (3)American country-pop singer, songwriter, and actress
Taylor, Corey (1)American singer and author
Thorne, Bella (3)American actress, singer and model
Tomlinson, Louis (3)English singer
Turner, Alex (1)English singer and songwriter
Valo, Ville Hermanni (1)Finnish composer, musician and singer
Way, Gerard (1)American singer and cartoonist
Willis, Bruce (1)American actor, producer and singer
Winehouse, Amy (1)English singer and songwriter
Wurst, Conchita (1)Austrian singer

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