Books ordered by title: I

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AuthorTitle (Number of quotes)
Ozzy OsbourneI Am Ozzy (2)
Annaka HarrisI Wonder (3)
Isaac AsimovI, Robot (2)
Richard BachIllusions (4)
Isaac AsimovIn the Beginning (2)
Peter NollIn the Face of Death (8)
Mother TeresaIn the Heart of the World (2)
Christopher PaoliniInheritance (4)
Meg CabotInsatiable (2)
Stephen KingInsomnia (3)
Oscar WildeIntentions (2)
Terry PratchettInteresting Times (2)
Anne RiceInterview with the Vampire (2)
Daniel DennettIntuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking (12 + 1 quoted)
Chuck PalahniukInvisible Monsters (6)
Stephen KingIt (7)

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