Carpe Diem Quotes


Acknowledge the day. [...] It`s the only one you`ll have until tomorrow.

Stephen King

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When your worst fears are fulfilled when everything you expect is gone, something is still driving us to fix the past or get into the future. When the only thing we should pay attention to is the present. And to the many possibilities of the present.

Grey`s Anatomy (movie)

I`d trade all o`my tomorrows for one single yesterday.

Janis Lyn Joplin


Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain!

Louis Tomlinson


You`ll cry because time is passing too fast, and you`ll eventually lose someone you love, so take many pictures, laugh too much and love like you`ve never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is one minute of happiness you`ll never get back.

Andy Biersack


This is the real secret of life - to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.

Alan Wilson Watts

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You only live but once, and when your died your done, so let the good times roll.

B. B. King


It is obviously impossible to live in the present. The brain-computer has no program for it. That we live in the past and in the future, in memories and hopes, in past accomplishments and plans for the future, is based on one of those odd laws of the human psyche.

Peter Noll


It`s an uncertain world [...]. Best to live in the now.

Black Sails (movie)

One of the illusions is that the present hour is not the critical, decisive hour.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift.

Eleanor Roosevelt


Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

Dale Carnegie


Life makes no promises so I'd better get started.

The Book Thief (movie)

Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you will die today.

James Dean

You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.

Henry David Thoreau


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