Quotes about Fortune


Every existing thing is born without reason, prolongs itself out of weakness, and dies by chance.

Jean-Paul Sartre

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Whatever luck I had, I made.

Chuck Norris

People make their own luck by great preparation and good strategy.

Jack Canfield

I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

Thomas Jefferson

It`s hard to win when you always lose.

Tom Waits


Live as brave men; and if fortune is adverse, front its blows with brave hearts.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

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Probability is like gravity: you cannot negotiate with gravity.

Miami Vice (movie)

One of the major ingredients for professional success in science is luck. Without this, forget it.

Leon Lederman

Shallow men believe in luck, believe in circumstances: It was somebody`s name, or he happened to be there at the time, or, it was so then, and another day it would have been otherwise. Strong men believe in cause and effect.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.


I believe in luck: how else can you explain the success of those you dislike?

Jean Cocteau

Chance usually favours the prudent man.

Joseph Joubert


Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

Darrell Royal


You can`t expect to hit the jackpot if you don`t put a few nickels in the machine.

Flip Wilson


Fortune favours the brave.


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