Quotes about Talent


Talents are best nurtured in solitude. Character is best formed in the stormy billows of the world.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Talent is only the starting point.

Irving Berlin


It`s not enough to have talent, you also have to be Hungarian.

Robert Capa

No matter how talented you are, not everybody is going to like you. But that`s life, just stay strong.

Justin Drew Bieber


The talent is in the choices.

Robert De Niro


There is no such thing as a great talent without great will power.

Honoré de Balzac

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Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.

Kevin Durant


I don`t think you can teach a tone-deaf person how to sing. Some talents you`re just born with, unfortunately.

Anna Camp


It's the outliers who make things interesting and give us inspiration. And it's the outliers who are the first signs of change.

Eli Pariser


People in their right minds never take pride in their talents.

Harper Lee


It is not enough to have a good mind. The main thing is to use it well.

René Descartes


Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

Albert Einstein

Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There`s plenty of movement, but you never know if it`s going to be forward, backwards, or sideways.

H. Jackson Brown


Every man of genius sees the world at a different angle from his fellows, and there is his tragedy.

Henry Havelock Ellis

Never confuse the size of your paycheck with the size of your talent.

Marlon Brando


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