Vitéz Mihály Csokonai

Vitéz Mihály Csokonai

Hungarian poet
17 November 1773 — 28 January 1805

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O, bitter is the life of him, who
has lost all reason to be hoping
and yet is forced to live!
Although he may live, his soul withdrew;
behold my lungs lifelessly breathing
life`s breath they cannot give.

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To mortal eyes, you, Hope, do seem
a form divinely sweet;
but eyes of gods can pierce the dream
and see your blind deceit.
Unhappy men in times of ill
create you for their easing;
and as their Guardian Angel still
they worship without ceasing.
Why do you flatter me with praise?
Why do you then deride me?
Why in my bosom do you raise
a dubious heart to chide me?
Stay far and fair beyond my reach,
as first my soul you greeted!
I had depended on your speech,
but you have ever cheated.

It`s too late... With all hope extinguished
in Death`s ice-hut shall we two be brought
to hug in final sum.

Mighty love`s consuming fire
Has most deeply scorched my soul,
Cooling balm for hot desire,
Gracious tulip, make me whole.


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