You can find our most common words below. The color represents the frequency of occurrence and the font size represents the popularity of the quotes which contain that word.

[ ] ability able about above absence absolutely absolute accept achieve actions action actually act afraid after against again age aint alive allow all almost alone already also although always among animal another answers answer anybody anyone anything arent argument around art ask authority avoid away back bad beautiful beauty because becomes become bed before beginning begins begin behind beings beliefs belief believed believe best better between beyond big blind body books book born both brain brave break bring broken build business buy call careful care cause certain chance changes change changing character childhood children child choice choose christmas clear close cold comes come coming common completely confidence consider control convince couldnt could country courage course create curiosity dangerous darkness dark days day dead deal death decide deeply deep deny deserve desire didnt did die difference different difficult direction discovery dog doing don’t door doubt down dreams dream earth easier easily easy eat education effort either emotion empty ends enemies enemy enjoy entire escape especially even everybody everyone everything everywhere every ever evidence evil evolution except existence exists exist expect experience explain eyes eye face facts fact failure fail faith falling fall family far faster fate father fear feelings feeling feels feel feet felt fight finally finding find fine fire first follow fools fool forever forget forgive form forward found freedom free friendship friends friend full future game gets getting gift girl given gives give giving goal gods god goes going gone gonna good got go greater greatest great grow habit half hands hand happened happens happen happiness happy hard hate having head hearts heart hear heaven hell helps help here hes hidden highest high himself history his hold home hope house however how humans human hurts hurt ideas idea id ignorance illusion ill imagination imagine important impossible im indeed individual information inside instead intelligence intelligent interesting isnt it’s itself it ive job joy judge just keeps key kinds kind kiss knew knowing knowledge known knows know language large last late laughter laugh laws law leads lead learned learning learn least leaves leave left less liberty lies lie life light likely like line listen little lived lives live living logical logic longer long looked looking look lose lost lot loved loves love loving made magic makes make making mankind mans many man marriage mathematical mathematics matters matter maybe meaning means mean measure meet memories memory men merely met might minds mind minute miss mistakes mistake moments moment money moon moral mothers mother move music must myself name natural nature necessary needs need neither never new next nice night nobody none nor nothing now off often old once ones one only open opinions opinion opportunity opposite order others otherwise ourselves outside over own pain parents part pass past path peace people perfect perhaps persons person philosophy physical piece place play please pleasure poetry point poor possible powerful power precious present pretty probably problems problem process progress protect prove public purpose put questions question quite rarely rather reach reading ready read reality realize really real reasons reason relationship religion religious remains remember respect rest result rich right road room rules rule run sad safe said santa save saying says say school science scientific search second secrets secret seeing seek seems seem seen sees see seldom self sense set shall shape she short should show side silence simple simply since single sin sit six sleep small smart smile society somebody someone something sometimes somewhere some soon soul source space speak special spend stand stars start star state stay step stop stories strength stronger strong stupid subject successful success such suffering sun sure taken takes take taking talking talk teach tears tell ten terrible than thats their themselves them then theory theres there these theyre they the things thing thinking thinks think those thoughts thought though thousand three through throw times time today together told tomorrow touch tragedy tried trouble true truly trust truth trying try turn two understanding understand under universe unknown unless until upon up used useless use usually value very view waiting wait walk wanted wants want war wasnt waste ways way well whatever whats what whenever when where whether which whole whom whose who why wisdom wise wish within without with woman women wonderful wonder wont words word working works work worlds world worry worse worst worth wouldnt would write writing written wrong years year youll young yourself yours youve you


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