American authors

Author (number of quotes)Description
Abbey, Edward (3)American author
Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem (1)American professional basketball player
Adams, Ansel (1)American photographer
Adams, Franklin Pierce (2)American columnist
Adams, Henry Brooks (4)American author, journalist, historian
Adams, Scott (15)American comic strip writer
Agar, Herbert (1)American journalist
Albom, Mitch (14)American author, journalist
Albright, Herm (1)German-born American painter
Alcott, Louisa May (6)American author
Aldrin, Buzz (3)American astronaut
Alexander, Shana (1)American journalist
Ali, Muhammad (10)American boxer
Allan, Gary (1)stage name of Gary Allan Herzberg, American singer and dalszerző
Allen, Fred (2)American comedian
Allen, Woody (23)American author, actor, director and producer
Allende, Isabel (2)Chilean American writer
Allport, Gordon W. (1)American psychologist
Alsop, Stewart (1)American newspaper columnist
Altshuler, Michael (1)American motivational speaker
Anderson, David J. (1)American neurobiologist
Anderson, Harry (1)American actor and magician
Anderson, Philip W. (1)American physicist
Angelou, Maya (13)American author and poet
Anthony, Piers (1)full name Piers Anthony Dillingham Jacob, English American author in the science fiction and fantasy genres
Arden, Paul (21)American creative director and author
Argov, Sherry (2)American author
Armstrong, Louis Daniel (1)American singer
Armstrong, Neil Alden (1)American astronaut, aerospace engineer
Asch, Sholem (1)Polish-born American novelist
Asimov, Isaac (35)Russian-born American author and biochemist
Atkinson, Brooks (1)American theatre critic
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia (1)American author
Auster, Paul (2)American author
Azevedo, Sasha (1)American actress
Babcock, Maltbie Davenport (1)American clergyman and writer
Bach, Richard (19)American author
Bailey, Pearl (3)American actress
Baker, Russell (1)American writer
Baldwin, Faith (1)American author
Baldwin, James (3)American novelist
Ballard, Duane Robert (1)American professor of oceanography
Bancroft, George (1)American historian and statesman
Barry, Dave (11)American author
Barrymore, Drew (1)American actress
Bartlett, Bo (1)American painter
Barzun, Jacques (1)French-born American historian
Bates, Daisy (1)American civil rights activist, publisher and writer
Beagle, Peter S. (1)American author
Beecher, Henry Ward (15)American clergyman
Bell, Rob (1)American author and pastor
Bellah, Robert Neelly (1)American sociologist
Bennett, Bo (2)pen name of Robert Bennett, American businessman and author
Bennington, Chester (1)American musician
Berenson, Bernard (1)American art historian
Berle, Milton (1)American comedian and actor
Berry, Wendell (1)American novelist, poet
Bertschinger, Edmund (1)American physicist at MIT
Billings, Josh (7)American comedian
Black, Holly (2)American writer and editor
Blake, Eubie (1)American composer, lyricist and pianist
Bombeck, Erma (5)American comedian
Bon Jovi, Jon (2)American musician, singer, songwriter, and actor
Boone, Pat (1)pen name of Charles Eugene Boone, American singer, actor and author
Boosler, Elaine (1)American comedian
Borland, Hal (2)American author
Borlaug, Norman Ernest (1)American agronomist, and humanitarian
Bovee, Christian Nestell (3)American author
Boyd, Danah (1)American social media scholar
Bracken, Peg (1)American author
Bradbury, Ray (4)American fantasy, horror and science fiction author
Brando, Marlon (1)American actor
Brashares, Ann (1)American author
Brody, Adrien (4)American actor and film producer
Brown, Dan (5)American author
Brown, H. Jackson (10)American author
Brown, Les (2)American author
Brown, Rita Mae (3)American writer
Bryan, William Jennings (1)American politician
Bryson, Bill (1)American author
Bujold, Lois McMaster (1)American author
Bukowski, Charles (16)American author
Burton, Tim (4)American director
Butcher, Jim (2)American author
Butler, Brett (1)American actress
Butler, Nicholas Murray (1)American philosopher
Byas, Don (1)American musician
Cabot, Meg (8)American author
Campbell, Bebe Moore (1)American author
Campbell, Joseph (6)American author and scientist
Card, Orson Scott (9)American author
Carter-Scott, Cherie (3)American author
Carver, George Washington (2)American scientist
Cass, Kiera (2)American author
Cather, Willa (3)American author
Chakiris, George (1)American dancer, actor and singer
Chandler, Raymond (2)American novelist
Chang, Ruth (1)American philosopher
Channing, William E. (1)American preacher
Chapin, Edwin Hubbell (2)American priest, author
Chbosky, Stephen (3)American novelist and screenwriter
Chopra, Deepak (8)American New Age guru
Clare, Cassandra (18)American-born author
Clark, John Bates (1)American economist
Cleaver, Eldridge (1)American writer and political activist
Cobain, Kurt (7)American musician
Colby, Frank Moore (1)American author, historian
Collins, Suzanne (11)American author
Commoner, Barry (1)American biologist
Conklin, Robert (2)American author
Cosby, Bill (6)American actor and comedian
Cosgrove, Stephen (1)American author
Cousins, Norman (2)American political journalist, author and professor
Covey, Stephen R. (4)American author
Crawford, Joan (1)American actress
Crosby, Bing (1)American singer and actor
Cummings, Edward Estlin (2)American author, poet, painter
Dahlberg, Edward (3)American author
Dangerfield, Rodney (7)American comedian
Darrow, Clarence (1)American lawyer
De Vries, Peter (1)American editor, novelist
Dean, James (1)American actor
Dennett, Daniel (45)American philosopher
Dessen, Sarah (11)American author
Diamond, Jared (3)American scientist and author
Dickinson, Emily (7)American poet
Dillard, Annie (1)American author
Diller, Phyllis (3)American comedian
Dobzhansky, Theodosius (2)Russian-born American geneticist and evolutionary biologist
Doren, Mark Van (1)American writer, poet
Duane, Diane (1)American science fiction and fantasy author
Dunne, Finley Peter (1)American author and comedian
Durant, Will (1)American author, historian, philosopher
Dyer, Wayne (1)American author
Dyer, Wayne W. (1)American author
Dylan, Bob (5)American musician and poet
Eagle, White (1)American spiritual teacher
Eastman, Max (2)American author, activist
Eddings, David (4)American fantasy writer
Edison, Thomas (1)American inventor and businessman
Edison, Thomas Alva (4)American inventor and businessman
Edwards, Tryon (3)American theologian
Eggers, Dave (1)American author
Eliot, T. S. (4)American poet
Elkeles, Simone (3)American author
Elliott, Stephen (1)American author
Ellison, Harlan (1)American writer
Emerson, Ralph Waldo (38)American author, poet
Ephron, Nora (3)American director, producer, author
Evanovich, Janet (1)American author
Evans, Richard Paul (1)American author
Fawcett, Farrah (1)American actress
Feather, William (1)American author
Feynman, Richard (18)American physicist
Fields, William Claude (2)American actor and comedian
Firestone, Harvey Samuel (1)American businessman
Fisher, Helen (1)American anthropologist and human behavior researcher
Fitzgerald, F. Scott (2)American author
Fitzpatrick, Becca (2)American author
Flagg, Fannie (1)stage name of Patricia Neal, American author and actor/actress
Foer, Joshua (2)American journalist
Ford, Henry (9)American businessman
Franklin, Benjamin (21)American author, politician, philosopher, scientist
Friedman, Thomas L. (1)American journalist and author
Fromm, Erich (6)German-American philosopher, psychologist
Frost, Robert (6)American poet
Frye, Mary Elizabeth (2)American housewife and florist
Fuller, Richard Buckminster (2)American architect, poet, author, inventor
Gates, Bill (4)American businessman
Gerbner, George (1)Hungarian-born American professor of communication and the founder of cultivation theory
Gibran, Khalil (1)Lebanese-American artist, poet, and writer
Gibson, William (1)American-Canadian novelist
Giffin, Emily (4)American author
Gilbert, Elizabeth (19)American author
Ginsberg, Irwin Allen (1)American poet
Glasgow, Arnold H. (1)American humorist
Glasgow, Ellen (1)American novelist
Goddard, Robert Hutchings (2)American physicist
Godwin, Gail (1)American author
Golden, Arthur (3)American author
Goldman, William (3)American author
Goldwyn, Samuel (1)American producer
Goodkind, Terry (2)American author
Gore, Al (1)American politician
Graham, Billy (1)pen name of William Franklin `Billy` Graham, Jr., American evangelical Christian evangelist
Gray, Claudia (9)pen name of Amy Vincent, American author
Green, John (10)American author
Greene, Brian (1)American theoretical physicist
Greenwald, Glenn (3)American lawyer, journalist and author
Groening, Matt (1)American cartoonist
Groom, Winston (2)American novelist and non-fiction writer
Gruen, Sara (1)Canadian-born American author
Haisch, Bernard (1)German-born American astrophysicist
Halmos, Paul (2)Hungarian-born American mathematician
Halsey, Margaret (1)American author
Handey, Jack (1)American humorist
Hanson, Joe (1)American writer and comedian
Harris, Annaka (3)american author
Harris, Charlaine (23)American author
Harris, Sam (36)American author, philosopher
Harte, Bret (1)American author and poet
Hawkins, Karen (4)American author
Hawthorne, Nathaniel (3)American author
Hedberg, Mitchell Lee (2)American comedian
Heffernan, Margaret (1)American businesswoman and writer
Heinlein, Robert Anson (5)American science fiction writer
Hemingway, Ernest (9)American author, journalist
Henry, O. (1)pen name of the American writer William Sydney Porter
Hepburn, Audrey (5)English–Dutch-born American-English actress
Herbert, Frank (2)American sci-fi author
Hildebrand, Joel (1)American educator
Hillis, Danny (1)American scientist, engineer, entrepreneur, and author
Hitchens, Christopher (4)British American author and journalist
Hocking, Amanda (1)American writer
Hodgell, P. C. (1)American fantasy writer, artist, professor
Hoffman, Alice (1)American author
Holliwell, Raymond (1)American author
Holtz, Lou (5)American football coach and motivational speaker
Hopkins, Ellen (1)American novelist
Hosseini, Khaled (8)Afghan-born American author and doctor
Hubbard, Frank McKinney (2)American cartoonist, journalist, comedian
Hubble, Edwin (1)American astronomer
Iacocca, Lee (2)American businessman
Iles, George (1)American author
Ingersoll, Robert G. (8)American political leader
Irving, John (1)American novelist
Irving, Washington (1)American author and historian
Ito, Joi (1)Japanese-American activist, entrepreneur, venture capitalist
Ivins, Molly (1)pen name of Mary Tyler Ivins, American newspaper columnist, author, political commentator, and humorist
Jackson, Michael (6)American musician
James, Henry (2)American-born English author
James, William (6)American psychologist and philosopher
Jay, Francine (5)American writer, minimalist
Jefferson, Thomas (6)American president, lawyer, inventor
Jenkins, A. M. (5)American author
Jillette, Penn (25)American illusionist and comedian
Jobs, Steve (6)American businessman and inventor
Johnson, Kimberly (1)American poet and scientist
Johnson, Wendell (1)American psychologist
Jones, Franklin Pierce (2)American author, comedian
Jones, James Earl (1)American actor
Joplin, Janis Lyn (3)American singer
Kahneman, Daniel (2)Israeli-American psychologist
Kaku, Michio (5)American theoretical physicist
Kate, Lauren (1)American author
Kaufman, Josh (1)american business expert, author
Keen, Sam (1)American author, professor and philosopher
Keller, Helen (10)American deafblind author, political activist, and lecturer
Kelley, Kitty (1)American journalist
Kenison, Katrina (4)American writer
Kennedy, Robert F. (1)American politican
Kenyon, Sherrilyn (1)American writer
Kidd, Sue Monk (3)American writer
King, Martin Luther (10)American clergyman, activist
King, Stephen (94)American author
Kingsolver, Barbara (2)American author
Klein, Stephanie (1)American blogger and author
Kleypas, Lisa (3)American author
Knox, Jen (1)American writer
Konecky, Edith (1)American feminist novelist
Kroc, Ray (1)American fast food businessman
Kuban, Karla (1)American author
Kurtz, Paul (1)American skeptic and secular humanist
Kurzweil, Ray (6)American inventor and author
Lamb, Wally (1)American author
Larson, Jonathan (1)American composer and playwright
Lasch, Christopher (1)American historian and moralist
Lawrence, Cooper (1)American radio veteran and author
Lawrence, Mark (1)American and British novelist
Leavitt, Robert Keith (1)American author
Lebowitz, Fran (1)American author
Lederer, Richard (1)American author, speaker, and teacher
Lederman, Leon (1)American physicist
Lee, Bruce (9)American martial arts instructor and actor
Lee, Harper (7)American author
Lee, Stan (1)pen name of Stanley Martin Lieber, American comic book writer
Lehrer, Tom (2)American singer and mathematician
Letterman, Elmer G. (2)American businessman and author
Levant, Oscar (2)American musician, actor, author
Levenson, Sam (3)American comedian
Levine, Robert (1)American psychologist
Lewis, Joseph (1)American freethinker and activist
Lewis, Sinclair (1)American author
Liebling, A. J. (1)American journalist
Likert, Rensis (1)American psychologist
Lindbergh, Anne Morrow (1)American pilot
Lindner, Robert M. (1)American author and psychologist
Livermore, Jesse Lauriston (1)American stock trader
Lombardi, Vince (3)American coach
London, Jack (3)American author
Long, Haniel Clark (1)American poet and author
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth (6)American author and poet
Lovato, Demi (4)American actress and singer
Lowry, Lois (1)American author
Lucado, Max (2)American author and preacher
Lugosi, Béla (3)Hungarian-American actor
Lynes, Russell (1)American art historian and photographer
MacArthur, Douglas (1)American general
Mackay, Harvey (4)American businessman
Madonna (3)stage name of Madonna Louise Ciccone, Italian -born American singer, actor/actress
Maguire, Gregory (2)American author
Mailer, Norman (2)American author
Maltz, Maxwell (1)American cosmetic surgeon and author
Mannes, Marya (1)pen name of Maria von Heimburg Mannes, American author and criticist
Manson, Charles (1)American criminal
Manson, Marilyn (6)American musician
Marquis, Don (3)full name Donald Robert Perry Marquis, American comedian and author
Marr, Melissa (3)American author
Martin, George R. R. (5)American novelist, screenwriter, and television producer
Martin, Steve (1)American actor, comedian, author, producer, musician
Marx, Chico (1)American actor
Marx, Groucho (3)American actor and comedian
May, Rollo (1)American psychologist
McCay, James T. (1)American author
McConaughey, Matthew (1)American actor
McLaughlin, Mignon (1)American author and journalist
Mead, Richelle (5)American author
Mencken, Henry Louis (11)American author, criticist
Menninger, Karl Augustus (1)American psychiatrist
Merton, Robert K. (1)American sociologist
Meyer, Joyce (1)pen name of Pauline Joyce Hutchison Meyer, American author and speaker
Meyer, Stephenie (29)American author
Miller, Donald (2)American author and public speaker
Mitchell, Margaret (1)American author
Mizner, Wilson (2)American playwright
Mlodinow, Leonard (2)American physicist, author
Moning, Karen Marie (1)American author
Monroe, Marilyn (20)American singer and actress
Moore, Christopher (9)American author
Morley, Christopher (2)American journalist, author and poet
Morrison, Jim (9)American singer, author, poet, director
Moynihan, Daniel Patrick (1)American politician, sociologist
Muir, John (1)Scottish-born American scientist and author
Mumford, Lewis (1)American historian, philosopher of science
Myss, Caroline (1)American author
Nathan, George Jean (2)American criticist
Nelms, Cynthia (1)American musician, singer
Nelson, Ricky (1)American singer
Neumann, John von (3)Hungarian-American mathematician
Nightingale, Earl (1)American author, motivational speaker
Nizer, Louis (1)English-born American lawyer and author
Noel, Alyson (34)American author
Oliver, Lauren (3)American author
Oppenheim, James (1)American poet, author
Orben, Robert (4)American author and magician
Pagels, Douglas (1)American author
Paine, Thomas (6)English-American author and politician
Palahniuk, Chuck (53)American author
Paolini, Christopher (13)American author
Pariser, Eli (26)American author, political and internet activist
Park, Robert (1)American sociologist
Parker, Dorothy (1)American author, poet
Parsons, Paul (1)American writer, journalist
Parton, Dolly (1)American singer, actress
Patterson, James (6)American author
Patton, George Smith (1)American general
Pauling, Linus (1)American chemist
Pausch, Randy (4)American professor of computer science
Pearsall Smith, Logan (1)American author
Peter, Laurence J. (2)American educator
Philips, Emo (1)American comedian
Pike, Albert (1)American lawyer, author, soldier
Pinker, Steven (8)Canadian-American psychologist
Piper, John (1)American Christian preacher and author
Plath, Sylvia (3)American author and poet
Poe, Edgar Allan (9)American author, poet
Pohl, Frederick (1)full name Frederik George Pohl, Jr., American science fiction writer and editor
Pollock, Channing (1)American playwright, criticist
Popper, John (1)American musician
Potts, Rolf (5)American travel writer
Pound, Ezra (2)American poet
Presley, Elvis Aaron (2)American musician and actor
Prochnow, Herbert V. (1)American banking executive
Puzo, Mario Gianluigi (1)American author
Quillen, Robert (1)American author and comedian
Ram Dass, Baba (1)pen name of Richard Alpert, American spiritual teacher
Rand, Ayn (8)Russian-born American author and philosopher
Randi, James (4)Canadian-American stage magician, skeptic
Raymo, Chet (1)American writer, educator
Reznor, Michael Trent (2)American musician, singer and producer
Rice, Anne (9)American author
Ritchie, Dennis MacAlistair (1)American computer scientist
Robbins, Anthony (2)American author
Robbins, Tom (2)American author
Roberts, Nora (1)American author
Rodriguez, Paul (2)Mexican-born American actor
Rogers, Carl (1)American psychologist
Rogers, Kenny (1)American singer, actor
Rogers, Will (2)American comedian, actor
Roosevelt, Eleanor (14)American politician
Roth, Veronica (2)American author
Rouda, Kaira (1)American writer
Rowland, Helen (2)American comedian and journalist
Royal, Darrell (1)American football player and coach
Rubin, Gretchen (3)American author and lawyer
Rubin, Harriet (1)American writer
Rudner, Rita (3)American author and comedian
Runbeck, Margaret Lee (2)American author
Rupp, Joyce (1)American author and psychologist
Russell, Keri (1)American actress
Ryan, Carrie (1)American author
Sagan, Carl (44)American astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist, author
Salinger, Jerome David (1)American author
Salk, Jonas (1)American doctor
Samuelson, Paul (1)American economist
Sandburg, Carl (5)American author and poet
Santayana, George (10)American philosopher, author, poet
Sarton, May (2)pen name of Eleanore Marie Sarton, American poet
Schattke, Jonathan (1)American IT technician
Schwartz, Morrie (1)American sociology professor
Schwarzenegger, Arnold (6)Austrian and American bodybuilder, actor, politician
Sculley, John (1)American businessman
Seaborg, Glenn T. (1)American scientist
Sebold, Alice (1)American author
Sedaris, Amy (1)American actress, author, and comedian
Seeger, Pete (1)American folk singer
Seinfeld, Jerry (1)American stand-up comedian
Sexton, Anne (1)American author and poet
Shakur, Tupac Amaru (3)American musician
Shames, Laurence (1)American author and journalist
Sheehan, George (1)American author
Sheffield, Rob (1)American music journalist and author
Shermer, Michael (15)American science writer
Shore, Dinah (1)American singer and actress
Shusterman, Neal (1)American author
Simic, Charles (1)Serbian-American poet
Sinatra, Frank (2)American musician and actor
Smolin, Lee (4)American theoretical physicist
Snicket, Lemony (14)pen name of Daniel Handler, American author
Sokal, Alan (1)American mathematican
Sparks, Nicholas (29)American author
Spence, Gerry (2)American lawyer
Stein, Gertrude (2)American author
Steinbeck, John (6)American writer
Steinem, Gloria (1)American feminist and author
Stengel, Casey (1)American baseball player and coach
Stiefvater, Maggie (7)American author
Stowe, Harriet Beecher (1)American author
Surowiecki, James (3)American journalist
Szasz, Thomas Stephen (1)Hungarian-born American psychiatrist
Tan, Amy (1)American author
Teale, Edmund Way (1)American naturalist, photographer, writer
Thiel, Peter (1)American entrepreneur
Thompson, Hunter S. (1)American journalist and author
Thompson, Kenneth Lane (1)American computer scientist
Thoreau, Henry David (41)American author, philosopher
Thurber, James (1)American author
Tomlin, Lily (3)American actress, producer, author
Tracy, Brian (2)American author
Tupac, Amaru Shakur (1)American musician
Twain, Mark (52)American author
Tyson, Mike (5)American boxer
Tyson, Neil deGrasse (20)American astrophysicist
Ulam, Stanislaw (1)Polish-American mathematician
Vaughan, Bill (1)American author
Vijayann, Meera (1)American citizen journalist
Vonnegut, Kurt (11)American writer
Vos Savant, Marilyn (1)American author
Wadsworth, Charles (1)American classical pianist and musical promoter
Waldfogel, Joel (5)American economist
Wang, Steve (1)Taiwan-born American director and producer
Ward, J. R. (3)pen name of Jessica Rowley Pell Bird, American author
Ward, William Arthur (6)American author
Warhol, Andy (8)American painter
Warren, Rick (1)American evangelical Christian minister and author
Watkins, Susan M. (1)American author, journalist
Watterson, Bill (1)American cartoonist
Wayne, John (1)American actor
Weinberg, Steven (2)American physicist
West, Mae (5)American actress
Westerfeld, Scott (6)American author
Westmoreland, William (1)American general
Wharton, Edith (2)American author
Wheeler, John Archibald (2)American physicist
Whitehead, Alfred North (5)English-born American philosopher
Whitman, Walt (6)American poet
Whittier, John Greenleaf (1)American poet
Wiesel, Elie (3)Romanian-born American author and activist
Wilcox, Ella Wheeler (2)American author, poet
Wilde, Larry (1)American comedian and author
Wilder, Donald (1)American director and producer
Wilder, Laura Ingalls (1)American author
Wilder, Thornton Niven (6)American author
Will, George (2)American journalist
Willard, Nancy (1)American author and poet
Williams, Bern (1)American programmer
Williams, Robin (1)American actor, director, producer
Williams, Tennessee (3)American author
Williamson, Marianne (2)American author, spiritual activist
Wilson, Edward O. (1)American biologist
Wilson, Flip (1)American comedian and actor
Wilson, Thomas Francis (1)American actor, author and comedian
Winchell, Walter (1)American commentator
Winfrey, Oprah (5)American media proprietor, talk show host, actress
Winter, William (1)American author
Wright, Frank Lloyd (2)American architect
Wright, Stephen (2)American writer
Wright, Steven (1)American comedian, writer
Wyse, Lois (1)American advertising executive, author
Zappa, Frank (3)American composer, guitarist, producer and director
Zelazny, Roger (2)full name Roger Joseph Zelazny, American writer of fantasy and science fiction short stories and novels
Ziglar, Zig (3)American author

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